Retro Or Modern?

Retro Or Modern?

Photo booths have become increasingly popular additions at weddings, but deciding on one to suit yours can be difficult. Bhria Vellnagel speaks with Sean Porter from The Instabooth and Liza Hoang from All The Hype about why modern-day booths are all the rage.

As technology has advanced, photo booths have quickly become a necessity at weddings. In a world of selfies and smartphones, they offer a more intimate and exciting experience for you and your guests.

From their first appearance in 1889 at the Paris World Fair, photo booths have been used as a way to capture the fun in an instant. However, the classic curtained booth has since evolved to encompass funky exterior and customisable prints, as well as a modern, open layout and the latest in social media technology. The style of your wedding can play a big role in the type of photo booth that will suit it. Personalising your booth – from its style, to the print borders – will ensure perfect mementos are created.

Kodak Moments

Although a photographer is definitely a wedding essential, a photo booth will also produce many unique memories.

“The photo booth will catch the real moments of the night,” says Porter.

Photo booths can often send images directly to your computer or smartphone. While you may wait weeks, or even months, for your professional photography to be delivered, you’re able to instantly relive the memories captured in the photo booth.

Hoang says they can also be great icebreakers and are ideal for guests who don’t enjoy being part of the action.

“[A photo booth] provides entertainment [for] the non-dancers and ignites conversation,” he says.

One issue that many couples are faced with at their reception is the fact that family and friends can be too shy to mingle on the dance floor. A photo booth provides the perfect space for your guests to meet and have fun with one another. Unique and fun props are great conversation starters that will draw even the most camera-shy patrons out of their shells. Similarly, a prop that can be written on, such as a handheld blackboard, allows your guest to surprise you with charming messages or inside jokes.

Set The Scene

Something to keep in mind when planning the style of your photo booth is the age range and size of your guest list. If you have a large party attending, an open-air booth is a convenient choice as more people will be able to use it simultaneously, which ensures no one is left out of the fun.

Closed booths often have high chairs to accommodate the younger generation, and older guests will appreciate its nostalgic appeal, so everyone from your two-year-old nephew to your great-grandmother can participate in the fun!

On A Reel

“The classic, enclosed photo booth will suit every wedding, whether your style is classic, rustic, industrial, vintage or themed,” Porter says.

The curtained photo booth will allow your friends and family to have small and intimate gatherings, which will amount in more personal moments being captured. Porter says this style of booth creates a comfortable environment for your guests, which in turn allows them to enjoy themselves and to get a little silly.

Porter says customising your photo booth to match your design aesthetic will ensure it is inviting.

“Wrapping is something that most companies also offer to allow any colour scheme to be matched,” says Porter.

Positioning the booth in a central location allows all your guests to hop in to snap a few pictures and snag themselves some unique prints.

Say Outdoors

Open-style photo booths are a modern twist on the traditional closed booth. Set up with a large background and professional lighting, they allow your guests to gather in large groups and are perfect for mingling. If you have any guests who are restricted by a wheelchair or have difficulties accessing enclosed spaces, an open photo booth is ideal. Porter says an open booth is also ideal for couples who have a certain wedding style in mind.

“The background of the photo booth is where we allow the style of the bride and groom to speak,” he says.

Resembling a professional photography studio with enticing backdrops and exceptional lighting, an open booth can be completely cohesive with your design aesthetic, while also offering a fun experience for all of your guests. A booth attendant will ensure everything runs smoothly and your guests have a great time, so you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy the experience.

Share The Love

From simple, black-and-white Polaroid strips, to GIF and online-sharing technology, photo booths have come a long way. In a world where social media is a great influence on our society, new techniques will allow your guests to be present in the moment while all the sharing is done for them.

“Photo booths have become very innovative with the [integration] of video gifts and connection to social media,” says Hoang.

“We recommend an InstaPrinter and GIF booth for couples who want to have all social media aspects caught at their wedding,” says Porter.

Photo booths are the perfect way to capture the excitement of your special day. By customising your booth and images, you and your guests can obtain instant, precious mementos. Whether you’re after a high-tech photo booth, or an old- school, classic booth, you can rest assured that it will make a great addition to your wedding.