The Value Of Bespoke

The Value Of Bespoke

Nowadays, an increasing number of couples want to invest in pieces that express their own style. René Hart speaks with Bridie Minzenmay of Minzenmay to explore the beauty of custom-designed wedding jewellery and the process that turns quality craftsmanship into a work of art.

Jewellery is an undeniable part of life. From the engagement ring that represents your eternal devotion to one another, to the necklace passed down from your great-grandmother, jewellery pieces are the epitome of true love.

However, when it comes to custom-designed jewellery, the sentimental and emotional value is even greater, especially when you’re designing your wedding rings, which you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of your lives. These should be pieces that you love, and they should represent you and your partner to the very detail.

If you have a vision of how your wedding jewellery should appear, you might consider a custom design. To help you in your journey of creating the perfect piece, Melbourne Wedding & Bride explores the beauty of bespoke wedding jewellery and why it will serve you endlessly for years to come.

Minzenmay is an iconic, family-run, third-generation jeweller situated on the Mornington Peninsula and is owned by husband-and-wife team Bridie and Paul Minzenmay. Paul is most often at the jeweller’s bench working on custom, handmade projects and oversees the day-to-day running of the workshop, while Bridie manages their team and runs the marketing of the business.

Whether you are after a custom-made design or you need to modify a precious family heirloom to wear on your wedding day, Bridie and Paul Minzenmay are experts in creating timeless and bespoke jewellery pieces that can be handed down from one generation to the next.

Benefits Of Bespoke

Minzenmay says custom-made wedding jewellery allows you to tailor a design to your precise requirements. “Every bride wants to feel special on her wedding day, and having a custom-made piece of jewellery adds that extra sparkle and magic to reflect her personal style,” she says.

When you choose custom-made wedding jewellery, you’ll receive detail-oriented attention and a piece like no other, which is designed and crafted to suit your individuality. You’ll also get the chance to choose every detail of the piece, such as the size, shape, type and colour of the metal, as well as the type of stone.

“Quality craftsmanship always shines brighter [and allows you to] add your unique flavour to the mix,” says Minzenmay. “Personalising jewellery will always catch the eye as it represents who you are.”
You can also ask the jeweller as many questions as you’d like when designing your custom pieces. In fact, you are more involved in the process of creation under such circumstances. You also have time to change any detail before the final product is created.

What’s The Process?

The process of custom-made wedding jewellery is a beautiful journey, and one that you should allow time to ensure the end result is what you want.

From the highly personalised experience with your jeweller, to watching that idea come to life and then wearing it on your wedding day, the entire process is very special.

The company puts a considerable amount of effort into ensuring the best possible experience for every couple. “Our designers and jewellers invest themselves into their work; the whole team at Minzenmay gets excited when an engagement ring is being made and the couple or fiancé to be wants to share his story with us,” says Minzenmay. “We [share these stories with the] #minzenmaylovestories [tag] on our Facebook and Instagram pages as we love sharing their excitement and unique love stories.”

At the beginning of the Minzenmay process, clients bring their ideas and inspiration pictures to their first design meeting in the company’s private design suite. This is where they can spend time with one of the experienced designers/jewellers to discuss their requirements and expectations.

The initial consultation can take up to one hour, and a second consultation is scheduled for the following week where the jewellers have stones for viewing and finalise the details of the jewellery to produce a sketched design. Once approved, the custom piece is then lovingly crafted in the jeweller’s on-site workshop, which can take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Popular Pieces

Minzenmay says the team receive requests for all different types of jewellery, including remakes and recrafting, however custom-made engagement rings are currently their most popular request.

“We source only the highest-quality stones and offer expert advice on what styles will best suit you,”

she says. “We listen to what you want, and – most importantly – we work to suit your budget. [We can] offer options for the most budget-conscious to the most extravagant.”

Current trends in wedding jewellery include hair pieces and cuff links, which are items that feature in Minzenmay’s Effloresce Collection. Inspired by nature, the essence of the collection lies in the soft, clean lines of each leaf, as well as in the brilliance of the unique gems that create the beautiful, organic palette. Handcrafted on site, Paul Minzenmay and his design team have captured moments in nature and crafted them into exquisite pieces of jewellery that will perfectly complement any occasion.

Handy Hints

All bespoke designs take time to create, and the sentimental value is like no other, which is why it’s important not to rush the journey of your custom- designed wedding jewellery. Take the time to ensure you are entirely happy with the design you settle on. After all, in the scheme of a lifetime, a month or two is like a drop in an ocean!

“Be open to alternatives, as our designers will give advice based on years of experience and will let you know what the best design is for a quality piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time,” says Minzenmay. “Treat your jewellery as you would any of your most precious belongings. Keep them away from harsh chemicals [and] store them in a safe place.”

Minzenmay also recommends finding a trustworthy jeweller who has a history of excellence. They should understand your concept and provide you with a clear picture of how the jewellery will look, how much it will cost and how long it will take to create. “Cheaper or quicker is not always the best option,” she says. “Ask yourself what those few dollars are going to cost you in the long run. We get many unhappy people coming in who ask us to remake pieces that they commissioned elsewhere for less. We never compromise on quality, and true quality takes time.”

Whether you want to create a custom-designed piece of jewellery for yourself or someone you love, the result is guaranteed to be inspiring. Furthermore, the process of working with a designer to create your bespoke piece will be an experience you and your partner will always remember. After all, when it comes to customising, your needs are what matter most.