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of the Game

Your wedding day brings together all of your family and friends, but sourcing entertainment to accommodate the likes and interests of your guests can be difficult – especially when adhering to a particular theme and budget. Here at Melbourne Wedding & Bride, Katie Livingston offers some creative and unique ideas to ensure your special day is a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Photo by: Aria Photography

Your wedding is all about you and your partner, and the entertainment you select should align with your style and interests. It can often be overwhelming to satisfy everyone’s entertainment preferences, however, there are an array of options available to please every guest; from the young, to the young at heart.

Face The Music

No wedding would be complete without a soundtrack, however deciding on who should perform on your special day can be an incredibly daunting task. No two people have the same taste in music and finding a happy medium can be tricky.

Opting for a live band adds a personal touch to your wedding entertainment. When selecting a performer for your wedding and reception, consider the atmosphere you wish to create, as you can curate a song list that reflects this type of mood. Alternatively, if you are after a fun, vibrant environment where your guests can interact with the artists and each other, then consider the genre that you want to showcase at your wedding and reception.

If you prefer a more collaborative experience, then hiring out a jukebox or DJ is an excellent choice. Guests can take turns picking the music, without giving you the stress of organising song selections in advance. These options require simple organisation and can be set up with ease in conjunction with your venue. For the outgoing guests, most jukeboxes are available with a karaoke option, so they can sing the night away.

Fit For Royalty

To keep the young ones entertained, consider having separate craft corner, or setting up a games room to keep little hands occupied. While usually for children, this entertainment option is suitable for all ages, as adults can have some fun well after the

little ones have tuckered out. As well as keeping your guests occupied while you get your portrait done and mingle amongst loved ones, a craft corner can provide ample opportunity for creativity. Decorating individual name cards, making flower crowns or leaving the bride and groom best wishes in a message book are all options worth considering.

For another alternative, consider hiring a face paint artist or a balloon specialist to keep the children entertained. The colours can coordinate with your wedding aesthetic and will keep the little ones – and the big ones – occupied for hours on end. These cost-effective solutions are easy to arrange and organise in advance, so when it comes to your big day you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the day in all its glory.

Food, Glorious Food

Incorporating food-based activities, such as doughnut bobbing, into your reception can unite guests in a fun, quirky way. Food brings everyone together, and having entertainment centred around food can fill awkward silences between strangers. While the cake is the main attraction at any reception, complementing the sweet centrepiece with a chocolate fountain or DIY cupcake decorating can create a personal and pleasant, food-filled experience for all.

For those who like their bubbly, ‘pimp your prosecco’ stands are becoming a popular trend for wedding receptions. These stalls are simple to set up, add some glamour to your drinks, and you can ‘pimp’ out your drink with as many garnishes and flavours as you like. Start with a selection of your favourite sparkling wines, then add some fresh or frozen fruit, juices or cordials, and some herbs or flowers to garnish, then allow your guests to create their own bespoke beverages. If your wedding theme is more rustic, then consider the simple and

creative idea of marshmallow roasting. Small fire braziers create a cosy and intimate atmosphere and offer a warm space for your guests to convene outdoors.

Sparks Fly

A fireworks display is a sure-fire way to make a, dramatic entrance or exit. With an extensive range of options available, customising fireworks to reflect your tastes and style is a breeze. Consult a specialist to discuss the length and variety of the show, the inclusion of fire-writing or the option for low-noise fireworks. If you want to add further drama to your show, choreograph your fireworks to music for a memorable and mesmerising vision.

You can also bring the spark inside if your venue allows for it. Alternatively, you can add that ‘wow’ factor with confetti balloons that coordinate with your theme and aesthetic. This fun addition can also be a keepsake for guests, where they can bring the lovely memories of your wedding back home.

See What Develops

Your photographer can’t be everywhere at once, and especially with a large wedding it’s hard to make sure everyone gets photographed. Having a photo booth not only navigates around this but provides a huge attraction for your guests and a chance for them to capture and print lasting memories of your special day. Get even more creative and provide costumes and accessories for your loved ones to model in, or have a prize for the best – or funniest group photo.

From a live band, bespoke beverages, marshmallow roasting, a craft corner for kids or the magic of a photo booth, there are a multitude of entertainment options to ensure your wedding is one you will long remember.