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Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays


Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays is run by a team of highly skilled experts who offer state-of-the-art firework displays, as well as special effects, indoor fountains and outdoor displays.

Choose from a range of pyrotechnics to make your proposal, engagement or wedding one to remember. Opt for fireworks that spell out names or words, or a confetti cannon shower.

Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays is pioneering when it comes to wireless products and contemporary systems. Indoor firework displays are non-obtrusive and quick to set up, ensuring an element of surprise for your guests. Demonstrations are available upon request.





Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays

Mobile: 0409 387 757
Website: www.airwize.com.au

Add a touch of magic and create a night you and your guests will remember for years to come with a mesmerising display from Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays. Primarily focused on creating awe-inspiring indoor and outdoor fireworks shows, Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays also provides indoor fountains, flash pots, confetti cannons, continuous confetti blasters and Co2 blasters. 

The experienced team are well-versed in navigating the unique legalities surrounding fireworks and pyrotechnics in Victoria. They will work with the relevant authorities and organisations to confirm all necessary permits and notifications, and will conduct a thorough safety inspection that includes everything from a site risk assessment and necessary insurance, to site security and clean up. Every fireworks display is coordinated by a team of six fully-licensed pyrotechnicians, accompanied by 10 trainees, so you can just relax and enjoy the show. 

If you’re after a unique entertainment option for your big day, Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays is the perfect choice. 

Airwize Pyrotechnic Displays