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An Eccentric Entrance

Adorned in a flowing white dress, holding a stunning bouquet, it’ll be all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle to greet your true love. But what if you could capture the attention of your guests – and your spouse-to-be – the moment you arrive on the scene? Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Kirrily Ireland explores a range of unconventional and showstopping transport options to make your wedding day just that little bit more exciting.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Your Chariot Awaits

Your wedding is the perfect excuse to indulge in your fairytale fantasy, and what’s a fairytale without a horse-drawn carriage? Whether you’re aiming to channel your inner Kate Middleton or fulfil your childhood dreams of becoming a Disney princess, this is an opportunity to feel like absolute royalty, in an authentic, old-fashioned sense.

A quick jump online will lead to you a range of horse and carriage services for the big day. It goes without saying; hiring a professional to lead the horses and ensure they’re well looked after when you arrive at the venue is a must, and is no different than having a chauffeur for a limousine. With a horse-and-cart driver’s expertise, you’ll be sure to arrive at your destination without a hitch.

This option is perfect for the animal lover, and best suited to an outdoor wedding, where your guests can come up and pat the horses after the ceremony. Since there are so many different styles of carriages to choose from, there’s something to suit every venue, from a sophisticated inner-city townhall, to a rustic country barn or an elegant garden.

Depending on the kind of carriage you choose, you’ll also have an excellent backdrop for photos, whether you pose against an enclosed Cinderella-style coach or sit, waving, in an open Barouche like the Queen of England herself. Just remember to bring a carrot or two for your noble steed!

A Boatload Of Memories

For those brides and grooms planning seaside nuptials, perhaps consider traversing not only the roads leading to the venue, but also the large body of water that surrounds it. The world is your oyster when it comes to sea vessels. A speedy motorboat will add a touch of action and exhilaration if you’re looking to ramp up the excitement, while a yacht will boast class and luxury for the ultimate glamorous wedding.

Watercrafts aren’t just for the beach weddings, either; a river or lake might call for a gondola, canoe or pedal boat. You’ll be the epitome of bridal grace as you glide along calm waters to the ceremony.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and want to express your love and devotion to the ocean even more, why not wed on the boat itself? Just like television’s sweethearts, Jim and Pam from the sitcom The Office, you can enjoy the natural surrounds while the boat’s captain bounds you and your partner in marriage.

A little extra preparation might be necessary if you’re planning to board a watercraft, including waterproof shoes, water-resistant makeup, protection for your dress – consider going for a shorter length – and even a life jacket if safety regulations require it. However, if you’re so inclined to jet ski your way to the altar in an adrenaline-filled entrance, there’s certainly nothing stopping you either.

Pedal Your Way To Love

Nothing gives a nostalgic nod to the past quite like arriving to the wedding ceremony on a vintage pushbike. From the countryside to the beach, bikes serve as a fun and free mode of transport for couples. Depending on the location of the ceremony, they often prove to be the most practical choice, too, as large motor vehicles are unable to travel on smaller pathways.

While you don’t necessarily need a vintage bike, these do contribute the best aesthetics, providing charm and whimsy, perfect for a playful, carefree couple. Filling the bike basket with its own bouquet, adding a ‘Just Married’ sign to the back and weaving some flowers through the wheel spokes will take your bridal bike to the next level, effortlessly tying it into the theme of the day. Not to mention the photo opportunities a beautiful vintage bike affords after the ceremony too.

After exchanging vows and saying ‘I do’, consider demonstrating your new union – and some of that spousal teamwork – by riding off into the sunset on a tandem bike. Some practice before the big day won’t go astray, as the steering and pedalling in-sync takes some getting used to, but once you’ve mastered the art, you’ll look like the ultimate power couple. Grab a moment to yourselves following the completion of the ceremony and photos to go for a ride and explore the venue.

High In The Sky

Between land and water, there are plenty of eccentric vehicle options to make a stunning entrance on your wedding day, but if you really want to wow your guests, why not take it to the skies? A helicopter ride is an extravagant experience on its own; pair it with your big day, and you’ll never forget it. This is a particularly nifty option for remote and regional weddings, which will provide fantastic views and speed up the travel time if you’re concerned about a lengthy drive or traffic.

If you’re looking for a calmer sky-high experience, it couldn’t get more serene than floating away on a hot air balloon. Just like the Wizard of Oz, this will sprinkle a bit of extra magic into an already magical day. Nothing says romance like sharing a glass of bubbly with your new husband or wife over Victoria’s scenic landscapes.

From horse-drawn carriages to boats, bicycles and aircrafts, there are plenty of transportation options to set your wedding apart from the rest. Take the leap and discover how the fun can begin long before you arrive at the ceremony.