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An Unforgettable


With a range of decisions to make in the lead up to your wedding, the planning process can be daunting for brides- and grooms-to-be. Thankfully, there are a range of professional wedding planners on the market, who are dedicated to organising your special day right down to the most intricate of details. Here, Natasha Brennfleck explores the ins and outs of wedding planning, from choosing the right planner, budgeting, key questions to consider, and how to maximise professional help to ensure your wedding day is one to remember.

Image Credit: Allie Claire Creative

The choice to hire a wedding planner can weigh heavily on the mind of a bride or groom. Having a sentimental attachment to a childhood wedding fantasy, or a commitment to a tight budget, can easily sway some against a planner. However, hiring a wedding planner does not mean you forfeit control over your wedding day. In fact, a professional wedding planner can even help you save your hard-earned money for the future. If you have been dreaming of your wedding for years, there’s nothing like getting a little help from a specialist. After all, tying the knot should be an effortless and memorable process, especially when an expert can take care of the stressful details.

Purpose And Prowess

Purpose And Prowess A wedding planner is responsible for managing the logistics of your special day; from helping craft your vision and aesthetic, overseeing budget, sourcing vendors, creating contracts, and arranging menu tastings. Think of your wedding planner like a super organised friend, one who takes care of all the nitty gritty details, helping to deliver the wedding you’ve always wanted. This will allow you to truly relax in the lead up to your special day.

In recent years, the role of the wedding planner has expanded to include a diverse range of responsibilities. Fluid in their ability to deliver your vision, there are various types of wedding planners and accompanying packages. Most wedding planners will offer what is called ‘full service’, which includes executing all planning and logistics from their very first meeting with you and your partner. Another popular package is the ‘day-of’ coordination package. This package involves the orchestration of the wedding ceremony or reception, based on the material you’ve already organised. Starting with a comprehensive consultation, where a detailed timeline of your wedding day is developed, the day-of wedding planner or coordinator will often be logistically


focused. This is a perfect choice for couples looking to do the bulk of the planning themselves, but prefer a professional to execute the plan on the day.

Wedding planners in any capacity are invaluable to a wedding, but their benefits are perhaps most apparent when planning destination weddings, or multi-event weddings. With vast industry knowledge, most wedding planners can traverse interstate and international laws with ease, finding the best deals for the couples.

Whilst you can plan your wedding yourself, it can be difficult to keep your wedding ceremony and reception running smoothly whilst you’re the guest of honour. To avoid any last-minute complications, consider a day-of wedding planner at minimum. This type of planner usually works best if hired eight weeks before the ceremony, as this will provide enough time to see your plans come to life.

Pop The Question(s)

Finding the right planner requires you to ask the right questions. Once the engagement excitement has worn off a little, its time to get to work to find the right planner to execute your dream day. Search through your favourite social media platforms, using hashtags to find wedding planners in your area. Social media will also give you an impression of your future planner’s aesthetic and brand.

In your first meeting with your prospective planner, it’s important to be prepared with questions, expectations, and a pinch of intuition. Preparing questions that are important to you is the key to figuring out if this planner is the right fit. Asking questions that relate to your vision, budget, communication style and timeline are all integral in selecting a planner that will complement you and your partner. Before you sign a contract, consider your gut feeling, and ask yourself whether this person is someone you want metaphorically, and literally, holding your hand on one of the biggest days of your life.

Budget Savvy

Investing in a wedding planner can save you time, energy, and not to mention money on your big day. Every wedding is planned to a budget, and while some are tighter than others, there are ways to accommodate for a planner.

With their industry prowess, wedding planners know the business of weddings, so they’ll take care of contacting and confirming vendors. It also means that they’ll be able to tell if a vendor has quoted a high price, or they may be privy to discounts across venues, vendors, and services. Wedding planners have excellent negotiating skills and will always try to look after you and your budget.

Whilst hiring a wedding planner carries its own cost, there are ways to alleviate their price tag. Plan your wedding as far in advance as possible as prices will be higher closer to the date. Also, consider having your wedding in an off-peak period, like in the winter months, or on a Friday or Sunday. This means the cost of the wedding as a whole will be reduced, as well as a potentially reduced fee for your planner.

With their professional knowledge, aesthetic branding, as well as the cost-saving opportunities they present, hiring a wedding planner might be the best decision you make in the lead up to your day. As great wedding planners are worth their weight in gold, finding the right one for you and your partner is the first step towards the wedding of your dreams.