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Bespoke For Blokes

Finding a wedding suit that fits you perfectly can often be a difficult task. With added advice from Germanicos Bespoke Tailors’ John Tellis, Camilla Stephenson delves into the details of bespoke tailoring and explores how to plan your suit-shopping schedule.

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It can be a daunting time having just popped the question, and now you’re beginning to organise the most important day of your lives. Making the decision to have someone design and create your wedding suit is a sure-fire way to help ease your stress and create a wedding day look that doesn’t hold back on personality.

Why Bespoke?

When it comes to looking your best, it’s all in the details. Investing in a custom-made wedding suit ensures that you get the fit, colour and overall look that you’re after. John Tellis says the benefit of a bespoke suit is that it leaves no unwanted surprises and allows you to choose every detail along the way. From the jacket buttons to the pocket square, you are in control! “Every aspect of construction is taken into account, from the initial pattern to the hand stitching,” he says.

As you would for any important purchase, you want to do some research to determine which tailor is best for you. Tellis recommends beginning your initial search five to six months before your big day. Keep in mind that once you’ve found your dream tailor, you will be making frequent visits to perfect the fit of your suit, so it’s important to consider travel times. Further, it’s also vital to select a tailor that has received positive feedback from previous clients. “Choose a reputable tailor and check the testimonials on [the company’s website to] see what work [it has] done in the past,” Tellis says.

Timing Is Key

Tellis explains that after the first consultation with your tailor, your bespoke suit could take anywhere from 45 to 70 hours to construct. Multiple fittings are necessary throughout the production in order to perfect the final result. Despite your excitement, don’t start shopping around too early in case your figure changes.

“Grooms [should] come three months before their wedding to begin the process,” Tellis recommends. “This way, body fluctuation will be minimal.” You want to be certain that the suit you decide on for your special day still looks the same as when you bought it.

Man On A Mission

Just as your bride-to-be will be screen-shotting Instagram posts and spending endless nights on Pinterest, you also need to find a bit of inspiration for your suit. Maybe you’re set on looking like you just stepped off a Bond film, or perhaps one of the suits Chris Hemsworth wore on the red carpet is more your style. Whatever the case, Tellis suggests taking a picture of it and starting a gallery. Having a visual idea of what you want also helps the suit designer. “When you make an appointment with your tailor, it will help us understand what resonates with you,” says Tellis.

Couples That Dress Together

Your wedding day is the beginning of forever with your gorgeous bride. It is also the best opportunity to make a lasting impression on how the two of you make the perfect match. The best way to show your unique style as a couple is to coordinate your wedding day looks appropriately.

As tradition goes, there is a high chance that seeing the dress is strictly off limits. However, you can still push for details that will determine which styles should be considered or avoided. If a jewel-encrusted gown is being hinted, opt for a more formal, black tux. Though if you’ve already booked a beach bungalow and there aren’t shoes involved, you’ll be safe with selecting a lighter-coloured linen suit.

It’s All In The Details

Having your wedding information on hand also makes the custom-design process easier. “At Germanicos Bespoke Tailors, we take into consideration many factors to achieve the best result for all of our clients,” says Tellis. “We consider the theme of the wedding, the location and climate, [as well as] the client’s body shape and skin complexion.”

If you have a fair complexion, Tellis suggests choosing darker-coloured fabrics, which will better complement your skin tone. However, gentlemen with darker skin tones will have the ability to select from a wider range of colours, as their complexion can suit a variety of colours.

Final Decisions

As your special day approaches, there are plenty of things you should be addressing, such as confirming the honeymoon arrangements and making sure the rings are ready and sparkling. A month before your wedding, your custom-designed suit will be close to completion, so it’s important to think about certain details you want to include.

Don’t shy away from injecting some personality into your look. Hunt down some bright socks and match them with your groomsmen, or personalise your boutonniere with a childhood memento. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, seek out some Chewbacca cufflinks or get your tie clip engraved as a keepsake for your future grandchildren. This will be one of the most photographed days of your life, so make sure the pictures are memorable with something that is quintessentially you.

After ‘I Do’

One of the best factors about deciding to invest in a bespoke suit is the opportunity to wear it in coming years, even after the in-laws have stopped talking about the best man’s speech.

Germanicos Bespoke Tailors understands that the groom’s suit is one of the only wedding expenses that can be used again. “We give [grooms] advice on how to make [their look] wedding [appropriate] on the day, but [also how] they can wear [it] again in the future as a suit, or a sports jacket,” Tellis explains.

Perhaps the best piece of advice Tellis gives is to know the worth of a good suit. “When it comes to your suit, it is the one day you will be photographed more than any other, and the one day you need to look better than all the guests, so don’t skimp,” he says.

Whether you opt for a casual look or a tuxedo, owning a custom-made suit means that you can show up to future functions feeling like a million dollars and looking just as handsome as you were on your special day.