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Capture Your


The magic of film has touched each one of our hearts at some point, whether it be a fond memory of visiting a cinema, or cherished family home videos from your childhood. From smartphones to smart televisions, and even digital billboards, it is hard to imagine a world where film isn’t readily accessible. With the ability to encapsulate a moment, evoke emotions, and transport us to a different time and place, the enchantment and necessity of filming your wedding day cannot be overlooked. Here, Emma Warner Allen explores the ever-increasing benefits of wedding videography with owner of Mike and Amy Photographers, Mike Green.

Photo by: Mike and Amy Photographers

Why Video?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. The beauty of film is that it provides depth in ways an image cannot. Videography can immortalise the treasured moments that then become beloved memories and can perfectly complement still shots to provide an all-encompassing keepsake of one of the most significant days of your life. “We realised to truly capture the essences of the wedding day we needed to be documenting weddings with both photo and video. The stories of the wedding day are more than just images. It’s expressions of love and endearment exchanges between family members – the tears shared. It’s the first look of a couple when they see each other on their wedding day. It’s the expression of a father as he walks his daughter down the aisle. It’s grandparents watching in excitement as their grandchildren exchange vows. All of this is brought to life in video,” Green elaborates.

Finding The One

You’ve found the love of your life, now it’s time to find the one to capture this love. Finding the perfect videographer is so important. Sparing renewing your vows, this may be the only time in your life where you marry your significant other, so ensuring this momentous occasion is perfectly captured is paramount, especially considering there will be no redo. Or to put this another way, consider Eminem’s words, ‘if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it or just let it slip?’

Green asserts that one of the best ways to find a videographer whose style you like is to do your research and to have a look at their social media accounts. From there, it is so important

to ensure that you have a good rapport with your videographer. “If you don’t gel with the videographer it’s going to be distracting on the day and possibly [negatively] impact your result,” Green asserts. It’s also important that videographers discuss, “what elements of the day are important to them [and] what they don’t like in videography”, which will ensure the end result is something the couple will love. From the team at Mike and Amy Photographers’ perspective, “getting to know our couples prior to the wedding is really important to us”. “This helps us blend in. We try to capture a wedding day from the point of view of guests and the family. We aren’t the centre of attention – the couple are, so we ensure we dress like a guest; we minimise tripods and cameras without compromising the result,” the pair affirm.

Film With Benefits

While photography is more common for weddings, videography is becoming increasingly popular. As technology continues to evolve, the films produced can provide a unique perspective of the day from angles the bride and groom themselves may not get to witness. “Technology such as drones are an awesome way to establish the atmosphere of the wedding day. They give depth to the wedding film. It complements the more traditional methods of capturing,” Green explains.

“We feel both photography and videography capture the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding in different ways. Neither is easier – just different. Photos capture short moments and snippets of the day where video captures the words, and motion behind those snippets. Together they capture the wedding day perfectly,” the film expert explains. Therefore, including some form of film on your wedding day can accurately encapsulate the day’s events so that you can relive

Lights, Camera, Action

On the day, do not be alarmed if you aren’t aware of the presence of a film crew. Ultimately, this day is about you and your partner’s connection and sharing this moment with your loved ones. With more than fourteen years of documenting weddings, Green assures couples that he and his wife “know what events on a wedding day trigger emotion and are ready to capture it”.

“We get to know the couple before a wedding day and then meet the key members throughout the day so by the reception we know exactly who the key people are on the day,” Green notes, explaining the process. “We also try and make sure the majority of guests are featured on the films in some way. If they are at the wedding, they are important to the couple.”

The team will ensure there is short video coverage that documents the important aspects of the day. “For some, this is just the ceremony. For others, it’s the speeches. Will you regret not having the footage of your loved ones in ten, twenty, or thirty years’ time?” Green implores. Currently, a cinematic style is the most popular for couples, though raw footage is also always beloved. “We feel that a combination of both captures the day effectively. The cinematic [style] tell the story of the day, while the raw footage of the ceremony and reception document what has happened,” Green details.

Regardless of your preference in style, having a video keepsake will become a cherished possession that will enable you to relive one of the most joyous days of your life. Who wouldn’t want to press play all over again on one of the best days of their life?