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Complete your perfect bridal look by giving your legs the Chusette Premium Socks & Hosiery treatment. Chusette Premium Socks & Hosiery specialises in premium, luxurious silk stockings and bridal tights. All products are soft, breathable and stay in place all day. The special stocking fabric will protect your feet, while the white ivory design will perfectly complement any bridal style. The company’s pop-up store provides luxury fabrics with premium packaging that celebrate a timeless style. Chusette Premium Socks & Hosiery’s products are also a great gift for the bride-to-be at her bachelorette party.


Chusette Premium Socks & Hosiery

Tel: 1300 046 7678
Email: info@chusette.com
Website: www.chusette.com



​Stay on trend with your bridal hosiery today with premium socks and tights from Chusette. Each colour and pattern is inspired by current fashion trends, crafted from high-quality, Australia cotton so that these accessories are soft and silky on your feet. The invisible seams, reinforced toe and heel on these exclusive designs add to the modern appeal of Chusette, where each piece of hosiery is a timeless addition to your wardrobe while having that signature Chusette touch. These pieces of hosiery are versatile and can be worn for future use outside of your wedding, like in the cooler months when you want to add a splash of white to your winter wardrobe to embrace the monochrome luxe that Melbourne winter fashion is known for.