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Cocolea Furniture

Cocolea showcases unique furniture and home décor, with an air of extravagance. Featuring plush velvets, aged leather, natural wood and resin, the Cocolea range combines unique designs, elegance and class. The company’s passion for handcrafted, premium pieces is evident throughout the range, and all pieces are customisable, allowing you to own a unique piece of furniture that represents your unique style. Cocolea offers complete services and custom packages, with select pieces of furniture, home decor and artwork available for event hire. The company’s stunning range of art and furniture can be found at the Melbourne showroom or the Redhill store.


Cocolea Furniture

Peninsula Store 137 Shoreham Rd
Redhill South
Melbourne Showroom: (Appointment only)
131 Hyde Street

Tel: 1800 855 665
Mobile: 0402178283
Email:  info@cocolea.com.au
Website: www.cocolea.com.au