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While you may already be the prized jewel in the eyes of your partner, your jewellery, much like your relationship, will stand the test of time – so it is important that you are as happy and confident in your choice of jewellery as you are with your choice of partner. Whether you are deliberating wedding bands, or contemplating how to accessorise on the day, Emma Warner Allen chats with George Hagidimou, owner of George the jeweller, to discuss how to ensure you sparkle as bright as your jewellery during your wedding celebration.

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There Is Beauty In Simplicity

With your left hand already sporting something gorgeous, planning for the wedding band that will take its pride-of-place next to your engagement ring – which will also accompany you and your partner on your lifelong journey together – can be overwhelming. With the gown and rings occupying centre-stage of your wedding ensemble, it can also be challenging to know what additional jewellery such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets should accompany your look to ensure you feel like your very best self.

As a general rule, “less is more! Choose a few key pieces to match your dress and style,” the jeweller enthuses. “You don’t need a veil, tiara, earrings, necklace, and a sash to complement your dress. The challenge is not to over-accessorise and to choose key pieces that will anchor your look.” Therefore, if your gown is adorned with a lot of elaborate embroidery and embellishments, a simple pair of studs may be enough to tie together your look without appearing as an aesthetic assault. “Generally, I find brides who don’t want to accessorise as much, choose not to because [their] dress is very detailed and has a lot of embellishments already. So they keep it very simple and let the dress and veil be the star attraction,” Hagidimou echoes. “You don’t need to look or feel like a Christmas tree on your big day. Sometimes just a headpiece, veil, bracelet, or set of statement earrings might be all you need,” he further asserts.

Colourful Considerations

Pairing your jewellery with your dress is an important consideration. This is especially relevant for the rings as, “after all you need to wear it and see it every day, so you need to love it!” Should you choose to accessorise with more than just your rings, consider the material of your dress, which can act as a guide when deciding what precious metals to pair with it. “As a general rule, ivory is best paired with gold since it highlights the creamy tint of the fabric.” For those wanting to wear a crisp, clean white, “silver, white gold, and platinum really suit bright white” whereas “rose gold looks beautiful with blush”.

Wearing shades of off-white offers brides a lot more diversity than pure white. “You can have your pick with off-white colour fabrics, as they look amazing with yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls,” Hagidimou confirms. For those that are wearing dresses adorned with details, attempt to match your jewellery with the gown’s embellishments to create a look that is cohesive rather than overwhelming. “If the dress you chose is already embellished with beadwork, let that dictate the colours of your accessories. For example, if your gown has gold beading, pick a necklace, bracelet, or earrings with a gold base.”

A Match Made In Heaven

Perhaps the biggest consideration should be given to the shape and style of your dress. It is well known that certain styles do not lend themselves well to particular types of jewellery. If in doubt, looking to the red carpet to see how these individuals have been styled is an excellent starting point. “Strapless wedding dress jewellery options include the popular choker and collar necklaces, or delicate princess necklaces,” the jeweller notes. When styling strapless dresses, try to avoid long pendant style necklaces as they will detract from the gown’s striking neckline. Alternatively, “if you prefer the look of a clean neckline, accessorise with statement earrings, like long teardrop styles.” For sweetheart necklaces, “it’s best to highlight the style’s romantic curves. Keep it simple with a short necklace, like a pendant. Make sure the

sweetheart neckline jewellery hangs at least a couple inches above the dress neckline to avoid overcrowding the sweetheart shape.” Similarly, if you’re choosing a dress with a V-neckline, consideration will need to be given to the length and angle of the necklace you are wearing – “be sure that it complements the width and depth of the V-shape. This means you’ll want to choose a pendant with a drop that matches the angle of the neckline,” Hagidimou states. However, you don’t have to accessorise with just a necklace – earrings or bracelets would also complement a V-line dress perfectly. Foregoing the necklace is the recommended advice for asymmetrical necklines as “necklaces can look out of place or get caught in the asymmetrical neckline, so instead accessorise the striking angle with post or drop earrings,” Hagidimou recommends.

However, perhaps most importantly, your jewellery and gown should tie into the overarching theme of the wedding. “The style of wedding will govern what type of jewellery the bride will wear. Typically the bride will already have her own style of wedding decided, whether it be modern or formal, beachy or vintage,” Hagidimou explains. “We just work with them and help guide, or suggest appropriate jewellery styles to select for the big day so it all ties in nicely.”

On your wedding day it is crucial that you feel confident, comfortable, and like the most beautiful version of yourself. You will undoubtedly have a unique sense of style, and preferences that will guide your decision. Speaking with the professionals is an excellent way to ensure that you are consuming the best advice possible to guarantee both your jewellery and yourself dazzle as bright as a diamond.