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Ethically Engaged

Jul 15, 2019 | News, Wedding News From Issue 29

Industry-leading diamond producer Heart in Diamond Australia is pleased to note a dramatic increase in enquiries into its laboratory-grown diamond products. The ethically motivated company primarily creates jewellery for the engagement and memorial industries, and has proven to be a pioneering force within the Australian diamond market.

Man-made diamonds are appealing to a new generation, who are more aware than ever of the need for ethical consumerism from both humanitarian and environmental perspectives. When purchasing a diamond from Heart in Diamond Australia, the source of the gem is entirely transparent. In contrast, unearthed diamonds will always be implicated in the environmentally questionable mining industry, not to mention the prolific human rights issues that have historically been associated with the procurement of diamonds.

An additional perk of laboratory-grown diamonds is the option to choose the carbon source from which the diamond will be produced; this could be anything from the ashes of a loved one to a selection of photographs, or a bouquet of flowers from your wedding day. Regardless of the object itself, this option creates an exceptional sentimentality, resulting in a stunning, high-quality piece of jewellery that is both ethical and truly one of a kind.