Image Credit: ATEIA Photography


The One

A photographer is more than just the person behind the camera; they highlight the greatest moments of your wedding, recording precious memories to last a lifetime. Katie Livingston speaks with Ramy Attia, owner of ATEIA Photography & Video, about how to capture the perfect shot.

Image Credit: ATEIA Photography

There are myriad ways a photographer can document your special day to reflect the essence and emotions of your wedding. Attia has been capturing intimate moments for over a decade and specialises in dynamic and timeless wedding albums that showcase a couple’s distinctive character. Here, Melbourne Wedding & Bride offers a glimpse into his process, from styling shots, to bringing out shy subjects and capturing the perfect candids.

Keeping It Real

Despite careful planning, there’s always a chance that the weather can be unpredictable and turn against you on your wedding day. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your photos have to be taken indoors. Regardless of the weather, an expert photographer will know how to use the daylight to their advantage, and will take stunning imagery of your big day. “There are particular images we can capture in direct sunlight that can’t be captured on overcast days and vice versa,” Attia echoes. A professional will understand this and will ensure that the images taken will complement the weather and represent your wedding day as authentically as possible.

Although every photographer has their own style, relying on filters and heavy editing in postproduction can override the emotional quality of your photos. Keeping it simple and working with the natural light, rather than against it, is the key to a shot that is both beautiful and genuine. “Editing styles have definitely changed since the introduction of Instagram and filters,” says Attia. Opting for organic light ensures the images remain elegant and timeless, without the need for much editing post-celebration. This approach is one ATEIA Photography & Video is utilising more and more as couples “steer away from [trends and] filters”.

Happy Relationship

Natural and authentic photography styles are a popular trend in wedding photography; a great candid shot can preserve an emotional moment forever. Taking the initiative to predict when that perfect moment is about to happen is the key to creating a flawless candid shot. “It’s simply having the experience and understanding of different cultures to pre-empt these moments before they happen, then capturing it on camera,” Attia explains. There are some technical strategies when capturing the perfect candid, such as taking burst shots and using a variety of lenses to create a natural angle.

It is also important to find a balance between listening to the couple’s suggestions and acting as a guide on their wedding day. Often a photographer’s job is to make suggestions for shots which the couple might not have considered, while at the same time adapting their ideas to suit the mood and personality of the couple.

When In Rome

On the day, your photographer should be able to move freely and integrate with your friends and family, as if they are a member of your bridal party or a guest at the reception. The best shots come naturally, when everyone is relaxed and having a good time, but this can be tricky when it comes to those who are on camera. Photographers should cultivate a relaxed and fun atmosphere to help soothe the nerves of those who usually avoid being in front of the camera. Attia reiterates the importance of being a calm presence at the wedding and reception: “Our role on the day is so much more than just taking photos, we are almost counselling the couples through the day through our wealth of knowledge and experience.”

By creating an environment where guests and the couple can relax and be themselves, your photographer can draw out even the most reserved of people. Approaching the couple or guests in a gentle, friendly manner, or asking questions to help them open up, is integral in capturing a shot that best reflects the joy being experienced on the day. With the trust and respect of their subjects, a photographer’s job is made easy.

Do Your Homework

When it comes to making the final decision, take your time and find a photographer who you think will suit the style of your wedding and the photos you wish to create. While it’s tempting to jump at the first available option, your wedding photos are going to immortalise the biggest day of your life; doing research and finding the right photographer is crucial. Attia urges readers to study a photographer’s online gallery and social media to get an initial scope of their work, before delving deeper. “Look beyond this … [find] a studio that has a fantastic reputation, [is] trustworthy, honest and above all else, they understand what you want.” Reading customer reviews is a great place to start, or talk to your friends and family and seek word-of-mouth recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask a potential photographer questions about their experience, past projects and methods, as they will work to help you in every way possible.

Once you have found the studio you’re looking for, make sure to have a detailed conversation with the team about what you want on the day, as well as your theme and venue – so you’re guaranteed to make the most incredible memories.