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Your wedding is one of the most documented occasions of your life, so it’s only natural that you aspire to look your best. Jacinta Walsh speaks with Rita Kahlil from Rita Skin & Makeup about the advantages of undertaking hair and makeup trials prior to your wedding day.

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From the day you get engaged, family, friends and even strangers are quick to offer you and your partner advice on how to plan your wedding day. While you should, and probably will, drown most of it out, there’s one piece of advice that shouldn’t be overlooked – take advantage of both a hair and makeup trial in the lead up to the wedding.

Investing in a hair and makeup trial will allow your stylist to refine their technique and discover what best suits your features, skin and hair type. It’s also important to have this reconnaissance to determine how your makeup will move throughout the day and if it will require any touch-ups. Avoid disappointment on your wedding day by following these tips to ensure you’re prepared at every step of the way.

The Perfect Foundation

There are several things you can do before your hair or makeup trial that will make it easier for your stylist to give you appropriate advice. The first is to have locked in the dress you will be wearing, as well as the venue you will be attending. Your dress should inform the hair and makeup style you choose so that everything looks cohesive, while a venue will give you an idea of the elements your hair and makeup will have to withstand throughout the day, particularly if your venue is outdoors.

The next step is to begin your research online. Find what appeals to you in a general sense before looking more specifically at stylists in your area who will be able to achieve this look. “I find that my brides have usually done their homework through Instagram, Facebook and my website,” Khalil says. It’s also a good idea to look for styles in the same shade as your own hair, as blondes tend to have a different texture to brunettes.

After viewing their portfolio of work, choosing to book a trial with a hair or makeup artist is the next step in confirming whether or not they will be the right fit for you. “Try to book a trial three to six months in advance,” Khalil says. “I prefer to see

[my clients] six months before [the wedding] so that we can begin their skin journey.”

It’s also a good idea to be aware of the costs involved with trials, which will differ between stylists. “My makeup trials cost $120, and [I charge] an extra $100 for hair,” Khalil says. Some artists may also include a travel fee if the appointment takes place in your own home rather that at a salon.

Trial And Error

When you arrive at your appointment, the makeup artist will consult with you and any inspiration photos that you have collected to determine how they will achieve your desired look. “I always ask my brides what they particularly like about their inspiration photos,” Khalil says. “The whole idea of the trial is to talk about and try every possible look they might want.” Everyone’s skin and hair is naturally different, so don’t be discouraged if your look doesn’t turn out exactly the same as your inspiration photo. Besides, you wouldn’t want to look like anyone other than yourself on your wedding day anyway!

For best results, arrive at your appointment with clean hair. “Don’t wash it on the day, but rather the night before,” Khalil says. “[As for makeup], a fresh face is preferred. However, if you usually do your makeup a certain way, come as normal so that your makeup artist can see how you wear it.”

Your attire will also influence the way your hair and makeup appears during the trial. “A white T-shirt [will allow us to] see how the makeup will translate against your white dress,” Khalil says. The same rule applies if your dress is another colour. Don’t forget to bring along any hair accessories you wish to incorporate into the look, such as a veil, hairpiece or tiara.

As soon as your stylist gets to work, pop the timer on to get an estimate of how long it will take on your wedding day. “My makeup trials are always between one-and-a-half to two hours [in length].”

Khalil says. “We try two different looks, and if hair [is involved] I usually add on another hour.” The appointments are lengthy to ensure that all of your questions are answered by the time you leave so that you walk away feeling confident in your bridal look.

To Be Or Knot To Be

The real work begins as your appointment ends. Take notes to remind yourself and your stylist of things that need improvement, such as places where your hair fell out or if your skin became oily in certain areas. The stylist will then be able to make amendments for the big day. “For me, it’s really important to follow up [with clients],” Khalil says. “[After they leave the appointment], I always tell them to take lots of pictures to see how the makeup lasts. I will then give them a call or email to talk about how things went and if anything needs to change.”

Some stylists will also offer you a beauty regime to follow in the lead up to your wedding. “Taking care of your skin is vital to ensure that your makeup sits well,” Khalil says. “As a skincare therapist with more than 13 years of experience, I always give my clients advice about their skincare routine, as well as other treatments that can be done before the wedding to [boost] hydration. This will ensure their makeup lasts the whole day.”

If you fall out love with your beauty look, that’s totally okay – keep repeating this process until you find the stylist or look that is right for you. “I have had brides who have booked me after just one trial, and others where I have been the third artist they’ve tried,” Khalil says. “It always varies from bride to bride.”

Stay true to your style and choose a stylist who will be able to achieve a look that you love. In the lead up to your wedding, look after your skin, repair your hair, and – of course – take care of your wellbeing. A happy bride is a beautiful bride, and that’s what will really show on your wedding day!