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HG4 – Higher Ground

Higher Ground is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after corporate and wedding bands. Led by Melbourne vocalist Rocky Loprevite, Higher Ground leaves a powerful impression every time it performs. Its unique line-up of male and female vocalists, electric guitar, saxophone and percussion allows the group to cover all genres of music. Higher Ground takes you on a musical journey through time, from the classic jazz and swing era to the rock and roll period of the 50s and 60s, and the retro era of the 70s and 80s to the party classics of the 90s, right through to the most current hits. The group’s experience and versatility has led it to be booked every week of the calendar year. The band is an elite unit that is guaranteed to get people dancing all night long. Higher Ground is perfect for English and Italian weddings and is available as a four, five or six-piece band.


HG4 – Higher Ground

Website: www.hg4.com.au