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Jane Rulijancich Jewellery

With more than thirty years of experience in designing and making in metal, Jane Ruljancich welcomes couples into her workshop for a truly unique opportunity to create their own bespoke wedding bands. Her workshop allows each couple to craft something deeply personal, and ensures the making of the rings is an unforgettable experience; one which celebrates the bond between partners. Under Jane’s careful guidance, you will learn all the skills needed to make the rings, and no prior experience is required. As an experienced jeweller and jewellery teacher, Jane Ruljancich has produced a vast array of jewellery and artworks. Jane strives to achieve thoughtful work and produce simple,timeless jewellery that responds honestly to the qualities of the metals.


Jane Rulijancich Logo


Jane Rulijancich Jewellery

39 Felix Grove,
Mobile: 0403 151 615
Email: jane@janeruljancich.com
Website: janeruljancich.com