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Kim Alpha Bridal

Kim Alpha Bridal

At Kim Alpha Bridal, every gown is truly a work of art. Each exquisite dress is lovingly handcrafted from premium-quality fabrics, and with more than ten years of industry experience the talented team is capable of creating a dress to suit any style. Motivated by a desire to form stronger connections with their Australian clients, the newly established Melbourne bridal studio is available to provide expert advice on all of your bridal fashion needs. Whether you’re interested in a delicate lace gown, a sleek and silky design, or perhaps you’re not quite sure what you’d like, the team at Kim Alpha Bridal can help make your dream gown into a reality.


Kim Alpha Bridal

23 Large Street
Tel: 0435 553 689
Email: kimalphabridal@gmail.com
Website: www.kimalphabridal.com.au

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