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Kri Kri

Kri Kri invites you to indulge in the unique experience of the Greek mezethes or ‘small plates’ style of dining. Sharing mezethes is an old and established custom in Greece. There is no entrée or main course as such, instead, you choose from the wide variety of menus on offer. Each menu has its own individual character. You can order old favourites, invent your own combination of flavours and textures, or ask them to help devise a menu according to your taste and mood. The dishes will come out as they are cooked, with enough time for you to savour each one and anticipate the next. So sit back, let the traditional Greek music stir your soul and get ready for a taste of Greece.

Min-Max Number Of Guests: 30-110

Starting Price Per Head: $55

Cuisine: Greek

Distance From CBD: CBD location