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If your hen isn’t much of a party animal, then read ahead as Jacinta Walsh explores the best alternative hens party ideas for a bride looking to shirk bachelorette tradition.

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Planning a hens night is no mean feat; there’s the guest list to consider, novelty paraphernalia to purchase and, most importantly, the itinerary to create. A good maid of honour will think creatively about what makes her friend special to plan an event that reflects this.

Consider the people, places and things that matter the most to your friend and let this inform how you spend the day. It’s also important to plan an activity that will encourage intermingling between her different social groups. This will put your bride-to-be’s mind at ease instead of worrying about how to divvy up her time.

For a selection of inclusive and fun activities to help you break the proverbial ice, read ahead as Melbourne Wedding & Bride lists the best alternative hens party ideas in Victoria.

The Creative Bride

Watch as your friends make a meal of their coq au vin, or why not attempt life drawing? Consider these great activities for an afternoon of fun – add a glass of champagne and watch as the hilarity ensues!


From candle-making to flower-crown tutorials, workshops are fast becoming a hens party staple. With an opportunity to learn a new skill and come away with something handmade, participating in a workshop will be both fun and satisfying for the bride’s guests, as well as encourage natural conversation between those who may be meeting for the first time.

Cooking Classes

If your bride-to-be has a penchant for good food, then perhaps a cooking class is the way to go. Try something that she wouldn’t attempt at home, like a pastry class or French cuisine.

The Theatrical Bride

Whether your bride loves the glitz and glam of Hollywood or the kitsch charm of Broadway, there’s plenty to do in Melbourne to appease her theatrical sensibilities, such as a visit to the ever-delightful East End Theatre District, a dance class, or one of the following entertaining alternatives.

Private Screening

Is your bride a film buff? Liaise with your local cinema to organise a private screening of her

favourite film, or if it’s a musical, host a sing-along! There are some great small cinemas across Victoria that are willing to play films upon request, and plenty more that specialise in cult classics.

For an added personal touch, create a short film to play before the feature begins. It could include heartfelt messages from family and friends or the bride’s fiancé, or it could just be something funny that you and the bridal party have put together.


With dozens of karaoke bars across Melbourne, this favourite Japanese pastime is a fun, accessible and affordable way to celebrate your bride. Release your inner-Aguilera in a private room, or if you’re after something that’s a bit more social, tag along to an open karaoke bar.

The Cunning Bride

If one of your bride’s best assets is her sharp wit, then look no further than these puzzle-inspired hens parties.

Scavenger Hunt

If your bride-to-be loves solving riddles, then a scavenger hunt will be the best fit for her hens party. There are plenty of established Amazing Race-style events across Melbourne, or you could personalise your own scavenger hunt with questions and tasks specific to the bride’s life. When creating your own questions, ensure they aren’t too difficult and that the activity doesn’t lose its novelty. Keep everything close by and ensure that there is a worthy payoff at the end.

Murder Mystery

Get in character as you try your hand at some detective work. With everything from themed train rides and escape rooms, to downloadable packages that you can find on the Internet, there is a murder mystery to suit every budget! Sit down to a three-course meal as you watch the drama unfold, or host your own themed dinner party at home for a more intimate affair.

The Understated Bride

For the bride who doesn’t like being the centre of attention, keep things simple. A hens party doesn’t have to be a big deal; sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that are the best, like spending time with your friends and family.

Pyjama Party

Don’t be led astray in thinking that you have to go out to have a good time. If your bride-to-be likes to keep things low-key then consider taking a trip down memory lane as you host a slumber party! Bust out the popcorn, pillows and pyjamas, and blast some music reminiscent of your youth as you sing into a hair brush – you know the drill.

Kitchen Tea

For something that even the bride’s grandma can attend, plan a kitchen tea. There are some beautiful locations across Victoria that will provide the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous lunch shared among the bride’s nearest and dearest, such as the Dandenong Ranges, the Great Ocean Road and the Yarra Valley.

The Glamorous Bride

For the bride-to-be who’s all about treating herself to a bit of self-care, consider these luxe hens party ideas.

Pamper Packages

Treat the bride to a relaxing weekend away in Victoria’s spa country. There’s nothing more luxurious than time dedicated to pampering yourself, and she may just need it as the wedding looms closer.

If you can’t manage to get away, take a DIY approach. Set up different stations for manicures, hair treatments and face masks. It’s the simple things like closing the blinds and setting the mood with some candles and spa music that will really make the difference.

Winery/Distillery Tours

If your bride considers herself somewhat of a sommelier, test her palette as you embark on a winery tour. Many packages will include transport and lunch, so the only thing you need to worry about is having a good time. However, if wine isn’t her thing, then there is an abundance of distilleries in the city close to Melbourne’s vibrant bar district.

Regardless of what your bride-to-be is into, there are countless ways to celebrate her in the lead up to her wedding. You could never sum up your bride in one word, or potential ideas in one list, so don’t be afraid to combine several activities to create the ultimate hens celebration. Keep it moving, well-organised and – most importantly – fun!