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Lavezzi Gelateria

Lavezzi Gelateria


The Lavezzi family has been making gelato for four generations in the Italian coastal city of Formia. Their first Australian store opened in Melbourne in 2015, with another in Lygon Street, Carlton thereafter. All of the company’s gelato is made from scratch, using high-quality, raw ingredients; this includes house-made roasted, Italian nuts, as well as house-made honeycomb, caramel, and a Nutella-inspired spread. Delight your guests with a gelato cart for your special day. With over thirty flavours to choose from, including vegan-friendly sorbets, there is something for everyone. Custom gelato flavours can also be made upon request.


Lavezzi Gelateria

334 Lygon Street

Eastland Shopping Centre
Email: info@lavezzi.com.au
Website: www.lavezzi.com.au

Add a special and sweet addition to your special day with Lavezzi Gelateria’s delightful gelato cart. This unique addition to your wedding can act as additional décor to your reception, all the while stocking a select range of gelato or sorbet flavours of your choosing. With three different packages available, there is a package to suit various reception sizes and to cater to any and all dietary requirements. Each catering option allows the happy couple to select up to four, or five if they purchase the deluxe package, flavours of their choosing. This boutique and family-owned gelateria also offers bespoke and custom-made packages for those looking to truly creating a memorable experience. These exclusive gelato carts come equipped with a range of cups and cones, ensuring that each scoop of deliciousness if presented perfectly.

Lavezzi Gelateria
Lavezzi Gelateria