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Mastering The


Your wedding reception is the time to celebrate with family and friends, bust a few moves on the dance floor, and soak up the love that fills the room, so it’s important to hire a great MC who will ensure the night runs smoothly. Here, Annie Slevison chats with Dean Sindoni from JAG Entertainment about how to choose the perfect host for your special day.

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From ushering guests in and announcing the cutting of the cake, to introducing the bridal party speeches and sending the happy couple on their way at the end of the party, the MC plays a vital role in your wedding celebrations. Finding someone who you and your partner are comfortable with, and will enjoy listening to throughout the night, are just some of the qualities you should be looking for in a potential host. Whether it’s a laid-back occasion or an extravagant event, every wedding needs guidance and structure, and – with the help of a qualified MC – your reception should run like a well-rehearsed show that’s been written from the heart.

Leader Of The Party

The primary role of an MC is to control the flow of events during your wedding reception and help everyone play their assigned part. With the responsibility of creating an enjoyable party vibe, a great MC will look after a majority of the speaking required throughout the festivities, without stealing the spotlight from guests’ toasts. “They will ensure the event runs on [schedule], in which every minute is accounted for, with it flowing smoothly from the time you arrive until the time you leave,” Sindoni says. “A great MC will create moments, engage your guests and make them feel as though they are part of your wedding.”

As the leader of your celebration, a qualified MC will keep an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere, while also understanding the importance of your big day and the emotions attached to it. “Having a professional MC host your wedding gives you peace of mind in knowing that the most important event of your life is taken care of,” Sindoni says.

Your host should also be able to control the crowd and keep guests aware of the practicalities surrounding the event. Announcements about parking restrictions or the serving of food are just as important as letting everyone know that the best man’s speech is coming up, in which case

your MC should be able to communicate all information to the room with ease.

Search Party

Sindoni explains that when looking for the perfect MC for your wedding reception, the potential candidate should present the basic qualities you would hope for in any public speaker. “A great MC should be friendly, amicable, exciting, organised, a competent people manager [and] well-spoken,” he says. With all eyes on the MC, it is important that the candidate also takes pride in their appearance. Whether you specifically ask them to dress in accordance with the style of your wedding or not, Sindoni says the MC must be impeccably presented.

Further, Sindoni explains the vitality of enlisting a host with an infectious personality. Capturing the attention of a room full of guests can be difficult, especially when there are different age groups, so it’s important that your MC has the capabilities to do so. The easiest way to lose a crowd is to strip them of their energy. Weddings are beautiful, happy occasions and the MC needs to match the event with their tone, humour and overall verbal communication. “[They need to ensure] they put on a great show for your family, [so that] your guests walk away from your wedding talking about it for all the right reasons,” Sindoni says.

Party Persona

Along with these qualities, finding an MC who will bring an extra spark to the wedding reception is always a must. You and your partner are unique, as is your love story, so why not let your celebrations be, too? Perhaps you would like to play table games or have dance competitions between aunties and uncles. Regardless of what you have planned for the big day, it’s important to discuss the ways in which your MC can make your wedding personable and memorable “Coming up with new and inventive ideas is a sign that your MC is at the forefront of wedding or event presentation,” Sindoni says. Sindoni also advises against letting a family member or friend be your

host. Remember what you want to get out of your MC, and be critical as to whether a relative or friend can deliver the same services as a professional. “They may be good at telling a few funny gags at a small family gathering, and without a doubt can be the life of the party, [but] have they ever coordinated the planning of a major event?” he asks. If you decide that an experienced MC is best, you can still make a point of including your eager family member or friend in the festivities. “You can involve that particular person in a personal toast or a moment in the speeches, after being introduced by the MC,” Sindoni says.

Party Pleaser

You will undoubtedly come across many qualified MCs for the role, who will all offer a great service, so in order to find the perfect host you need to narrow down your options. When getting in touch with an MC, Sindoni suggests finding out some basic information that will help determine whether they’re the best fit for your occasion. “Ask your potential MC if they have worked at your venue before, and what they did that was different,” he says. “[Ask them if] they created a run sheet, how many meetings they arranged, [and whether the meetings were] face-to-face or only over the phone.”

Giving as much information as possible about your bridal party, as well as your wedding in general, will help your MC create a truly special event. “If you give your MC a good idea of the general personality of your bridal party and guests, [they] should be able to read [the crowd] and adjust accordingly,” Sindoni says.

When you find an MC who will light up your wedding reception with the joy it deserves, you can rest assured that your special day will be one to remember. As Sindoni says, “A great MC will be the one that you will thank in your speech in front of your family and friends for creating timeless memories [and] special moments.”