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Exotic Pools Melbourne

Mister Bartender

Offering a range of delightful cocktails for your special day, hens night or bridal shower, Mister Bartender is the perfect accompaniment to any exciting occasion. With a large range of pre-packaged cocktails that offer a delectable spin on the classics, such as espresso martinis, margaritas or old fashioned, there will be a cocktail which will delight everyone, no matter their preference. Mister Bartender also offers a service where it  friendly and professional team of staff will attend your event and serve its heavenly drinks – each one carefully curated to suit your taste. The company is not limited to just cocktails and also offers beer, wine and mocktails. Regardless of whether you prefer your drinks shaken or stirred, Mister Bartender will deliver a fun and flawless experience, whipping up a delicious, ice-cold beverage for your special day.


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Mister Bartender


Mobile: 0423 418 498
Email: info@misterbartender.com.au
Website: www.misterbartender.com.au