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Mr Hummer Limousines

Mr Hummer Limousines is a customised limousine service that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. Mr Hummer Limousines has found a niche in the market for customers who want a style, presence and service that no other limousine service in Melbourne can match. Mr Hummer Limousines is not just a limousine service, but the beginning of a lifelong memory. Mr Hummer Limousines’ vehicles are the centrepiece of the business, however, it is the high level of service, reliability and efficiency that the team delivers that has led it to set the benchmark in the industry.

Models Available: Stretch Hummer, Hummer Sedan

Number Of Vehicles: 5

Max Capacity Per Vehicles: One 14-seater, three 16-seaters and one four-seater Hummer Sedan

Colours: Gold, black, white and pink