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The wording on your wedding invitations helps set the tone for your big day, but have you ever stopped to think what the paper type says? Here, Annie Slevison chats with Nicole Vallos, owner of You’re Invited, about the various styles of wedding invitation papers available to suit every occasion and couple.

Image Credit: Euro Photography

You may not have considered all the options you have when it comes to wedding invitation papers, but once you start looking it can become a fun and inspired activity. There is a lot more to paper than the standard white sheet, and there are endless ways to create a unique invite that is reminiscent of your personalities and wedding theme. From sheen levels to intricate detailing, Vallos navigates Melbourne Wedding & Bride through the world of invitation paper, and reveals the latest trends, popular designs and personalisation tips to ensure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to your wedding stationery.

Letting your family and friends know when and where they get to witness you and your partner’s declaration of love is very important. “It all begins with the invites,” Vallos says. “They give your guests an insight into what the occasion will bring, and most importantly they will leave a lasting impression!” No matter what style of ceremony and reception you are planning, there is a paper type to represent you as a couple. Read on to find your perfect match!

Glamorous Gloss

Glossy paper types are a great option if you are looking to incorporate a lot of text and imagery in your invite’s design, as it will enhance contrast and depth of colour. “This type of paper will give a nice, shiny finish where the image pops,” Vallos says. The high colour density, and colour gradation allows for intense sharpness and brightness, which is a great option should you wish to include a visual of the reception venue, or you and your partner.

If you choose a monochrome layout, glossy paper will eliminate dullness and allow the black and white shades to come alive. It is important to consider correct packaging, and how many hands will touch the invite before it reaches its destination, as Vallos explains, this paper type shows fingerprints more than any other.

If you want to take gloss to the next level, consider metallic paper. “Metallics will give you that extra bit of sparkle,” Vallos says. 

With a shimmery look, this paper type is a fun choice, and suits couples who want to get the party started before the reception!

Modest Matte

If you are seeking a style that won’t leave marks, then matte paper is your new best friend. The non-glossy surface has a slight roughness to it for a classic, understated style. Matte paper is favourable for couples who want their guests to focus on their words. However, Vallos encourages you not to let the page fall flat. “While this paper can be handled, and works well with bold colours, it can sometimes give off a dull look,” she says. To combat this issue, try adding some creativity. “Personalised wax seals imprinted with your initials is a great way to make the paper look more interesting,” Vallos continues. “You can also use a washout that is meaningful to you and your partner.”

For couples having relaxed nuptials, Vallos explains that matte paper with a modest design can help set the tranquil aesthetic of your wedding. “Try a white matte paper with watercolours and a simple font,” she says. “This achieves softness for a more romantic feel.” If your ceremony is a garden-party affair, Vallos recommends encapsulating this feel with leafy prints. “Geometric designs with added greenery are a great look for bohemian chic or minimalistic weddings,” she says.

Lovely Linen 

To add a bit of texture to your wedding invitation, Vallos suggests linen paper for its lovely touch and classy design. “This paper allows for a different style and feel,” she says. Despite the soft canvas, photos remain crisp, while the material adds a sense of opulence. With a delicate embossed crosshatch, linen paper is an elegant option for weddings with a formal dress code and can turn your invitation into a refined piece of art.

When it comes to designing the text and images on your linen paper invitations, Vallos encourages you not to overwhelm the page. 

“Less is more! Think minimalist designs for a sophisticated and trendy invite,” she says. “A little creative touch is all it takes to make a big impact.” 

Cotton fibre, which Vallos says has also become popular with couples, will imbue a clean-cut style similar to linen paper. Remember to also let this paper shine on its own and keep the illustrations fuss-free.

Personalised Paper 

Once you have decided on your favourite wedding invitation paper, you can focus on the overall design of the page. Vallos recommends adding extra features that are unique to you and your partner that will show off your personalities. “Create textural interest by adding layers,” she says. “You can also include your favourite colours, and embellishments such as ribbons and belly bands.” Another idea for a unique design is the inclusion of monograms. “This is a classic wedding detail,” Vallos says. Try combining your initials or using a symbol that represents your unity.

If you are chasing a more contemporary look, Vallos suggests a letterpress design. The modern technique is effortlessly stylish, and will ensure your invites remain in vogue. But if you would like to make a bold statement, you can’t go past gold foil. “This is an elegant way to dress up the invitation,” Vallos says. “Black and gold combinations are very in right now!”

Your wedding invitations are an essential part of the celebrations. Allowing the people that mean the most to you to share in your joy is a beautiful thing. As such, you should share the information in a beautiful way. Vallos explains that finding the perfect paper comes down to how you want to showcase your love as a couple, and the occasion ahead. “Consider the wedding theme and style, as well as the venue and colour palette,” she says. “Be sure to make it personal and meaningful.” No matter what type of paper you choose, let your love and happiness fill the page, and your guests will be welcomed with a truly memorable invite.