Image Credit: The Gentry Menswear

Pride In Patterns

In most weddings, the bride and her gown are almost always the main attraction – what style she has gone for, the shape and the material are some of things discussed. However, it is important to note just how versatile grooms can also get with their suits. Recent trends have seen the rise of the patterned and alternative wedding suits that bring some playful and funky aspects to the groom’s overall look. Aoife Butler from Melbourne Wedding + Bride magazine sits down with the owner of The Gentry Menswear, Hazem Halabi, to discuss all aspects of the male finish and what patterned suits bring to an alternative wedding aesthetic.

Image Courtesy of: The Gentry Menswear

While the classic black tuxedo has always been a beloved choice for grooms choosing their wedding suits, the growth of social media and fashion trends has seen the quick rise of patterned suits and funky accessories such as interesting cufflinks and bold and colourful socks. If you feel like opting out of the classic category of suits, a checked suit jacket is a bold alternative that will ensure the groom’s look will also be as dazzling as the brides. It is important for the groom to stand out amongst his groomsmen and following in this trend allows the groom to channel his creativity and have fun with his look.

Perfect In Plaid

Recent years have seen a shift in the menswear industry regarding formalwear. As more grooms channel their personal style and lean into their creative side, there has been a surge in wedding attire that is bold, alternative and trendy. More and more grooms are playing with colour, patterns and textures. Everything from classic tuxedos, textured fabrics and statement accessories, the modern groom can add some personality into his look.

Halabi has been in the menswear and suiting industry for over twenty years and believes that “with a little confidence … a man can pull off any look he chooses.” More men are willing to try something new and experiment with patterns. Halabi says that “for the groom, a popular pattern has been either the check suit or a jacquard print. Even a little bit of glitter is nice for a groom who wishes to make a statement.” A checked suit still brings class to a groom’s suit while also straying away from the conventional design standards. 

Patterned suits emanate a certain warmth and traditional feel. Their aesthetic suits the warmer climate well and the darker colour and warm patterns add to the wedding’s romantic atmosphere. As well as checked, The Gentry Menswear supplies “a huge variety” of patterns including pinstripe and jacquard from local and Italian suppliers, according to Halabi. There are a wide range of alternative patterns grooms can try out and experiment with prior to their big day. However, Halabi points out that it’s important “to not just follow trends but choose things that suit your style and body shape. An experienced suit expert will give you the right advice on getting the best fit for your body and help to bring the whole look together based on your wedding theme and other groomsmen.”

Be Bold

Statement accessories are a core part of the male finish and are considerably on the rise. Unique cufflinks, colourful ties, detailed pocket squares and funky socks are just a few of the striking accessories in the market today. Halabi expands on this and mentions how he thinks “it always looks funky for men to wear coloured socks in a bold solid colour. Statement cufflinks and coloured or printed ties and bow ties are always nice too.” These accessories should complement the groom’s final look.


Accessories are there to elevate the suit and never to take away from the beauty of its shape, design and cut. Halabi believes that these additions are purely accessories and “not the main attraction.” While they elevate a groom’s look, the focus should be on the suit. Having attended the biggest menswear trade show in the world, Pitti Uomo, Halabi has seen numerous trends rise and fall over the years. Halabi notes that “Pitti Uomo showed a big return to plaid and checks”. The trend is a refreshing change from the black tie and classic tuxedo sported throughout countless weddings.


A patterned suit is also the perfect way for a groom to stand out amongst his groomsmen. The Gentry Menswear have a “statement ivory jacquard jacket made in Italy” and numerous other vibrant statement patterned pieces in an array of different materials, says Halabi. If the groomsmen are in patterned suits, Halabi mentions that he would dress his groom in a plain solid colour. “If he wishes to wear the same pattern, we might switch up his accessories,” notes Halabi. There is as much of an option for grooms as there is brides to get creative and play with fabrics and designs.

The perfect patterned suit goes well in a winery setting. It matches the uniqueness associated with the wedding venue, while also emanating a sense of tradition and style. It’s exciting to take risks with colour and fashion and if your style is vibrant and bold, then own your choice and make sure that your personality is evident in one of the biggest days of your life.

Halabi’s final advice for grooms-to-be searching for the perfect patterned suit or statement accessories is this: “Whatever you choose, commit to your choice and own it! You are the groom after all, this is your big day, you should feel your best.” Don’t be afraid to channel your creativity and step outside the box. Your suit should feel like you, so have fun with it!