Image Credit: Phototainment
Image Credit: Phototainment


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Photo booths are a fun, quirky way to capture precious moments during your wedding reception. What helps make these candid photos memorable is the endless range of engaging props for you and your guests to enjoy. Olivia Morffew speaks with Vish, owner of Phototainment, and discusses the many photo booth prop options available for your wedding day.

Image Credit: Phototainment

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is the perfect way for your guests to take humorous, yet memorable photos, while also being a constant source of entertainment throughout the post-ceremony festivities. This source of entertainment also allows guests from both sides of the family to engage with each other in a fun, relaxed environment, without the pressure of formal photographs.

Capturing moments that are truly reflective of a wedding’s exciting, celebratory moments, photo booths are made more interesting and fun through the inclusion of unique props. Whether it’s a pair of vibrant, kooky glasses or something simple that ties into your wedding theme, props help ensure photo booths are a memorable addition to your wedding reception. Read on to learn about the various props available for you and your guests!

All About That Space

The size and type of photo booth can certainly play an important role in determining what props you can use for this entertainment space. Depending on how much space is allocated for the booth, and the style and size of the booth, it’s also important to consider how much space will be allotted to lay out props. In this circumstance, less is best, as Vish explains, “[having] too many options can slow the entire [photo taking] process down”.

While size matters, the style and type of photo booth is also a factor that influences the props that should be included for your reception. Larger, open-plan photo booths are perfect for those witha higher number of guests. This style of booth allows for a larger size and wider selection of props. Opting for this type of photo booth also allows for the inclusion of various backdrops.

Meanwhile, smaller closed-plan booths are best for receptions with fewer guests. These spaces can be quite restrictive in terms of their

 dimensions, so Vish advises couples to consider the size of props when opting for this type of booth. Bigger props more suited to an open-plan booth might not work well for a closed-plan booth or be convenient for guests wanting to create that perfect photo.

Walk On The Wild Side

While all couples have different tastes when it comes to photo booth props, there are a few crazy classics that are still quite popular. “The big glasses, crazy hats and stick props are still popular,” Vish explains. These classic props are quite versatile and can be an entertaining addition to your photo booth, regardless of the wedding aesthetic and style of photo booth.

If you and your partner are having a themed wedding, then work with your photo booth supplier to incorporate that theme into your props. If the theme is pop culture-specific, then you can include little references to you and your partner’s favourite TV show, film, book or game. Alternatively, if you are adhering to a certain colour scheme, then include props of that colour to allow the guests to feel more included with the wedding theme, all the while having a fun and magical time with other attendees.

You can add a personal touch to different elements of your wedding, and photo booth props should be no exception. Some photo booth companies allow couples to personalise their props. If there’s a specific colour or theme that you wish to incorporate, then work with the photo booth company to customise props so they can pair harmoniously with your wedding décor. “We encourage our clients to select props and make it more relevant to them. It could be something as simple as their favourite colours or having a unique hash tag that could be a combination of the couples names,” Vish says.

Trendy Tech

There has been a shift in the photo booth industry in recent times, as the current trend of sharing photos in real time has taken off. To incorporate social media and the latest tech trends into your photo booth fun, there are various props that should be considered should you and your partner want to go down this path.

Couples can create their own unique hashtag on a mini chalkboard or sign, so that guests can feature it in each of the photos taken. One of the benefits of having a hashtag among your selection of props is that, once uploaded to social media, they can all be viewed in one place. “All [photos] can be shared on social media and tagging them using the unique hashtag allows all the photos to appear in the one search,” Vish says.

Meanwhile, photo booths with green screen capabilities are getting quite a bit of attention in recent times. Vish says that these photo booth props “allow backgrounds to be replaced [with a new background]”. This option means you can have your photos taken in front of a virtual sunset, all the while enjoying the music and festivities of the reception.

When considering a photo booth for your reception, take some time to research the different styles of photo booths and see what’s complements you and your partner’s preferences. When it comes to selecting props to accompany the booth, remember to pick something you’ll both love. From the wild and whacky hats, to the modern and chic hashtags, there’s a prop to suit everyone and enhance every style of wedding!