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Purple Pleasures

When it comes to wedding colours, there’s purple, and then there’s Ultra Violet – Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018. René Hart speaks with Marcus Prentice, the owner of Feel Good Events, about how you can incorporate this chic and cool colour into your wedding.

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If you’re after a fashion-forward big day, then incorporating Ultra Violet into your wedding style is the way to go. Cosmic and creative, just as Pantone explains, this purple-blue shade is the perfect way to make a bold, colourful statement at your wedding. Said to symbolise experimentation, boldness and non-conformity, Ultra Violet is perfect for those quirky and unique couples looking to create a wedding that is like no other. Its deep and mystical hue will certainly catch eyes!

Gathering insight on how to work this great shade into your wedding details, Melbourne Wedding & Brides, with the help of Feel Good Events’ Marcus Prentice, explores ideas on how to add in just the right touches.

Feel Good Events prides itself on its ability to curate on-trend events and breathtaking visual spectacular that not only meets each couple’s individual needs, but exceeds their wildest dreams. “[We offer] a full styling and decorating service for those couples who want to create an awesome event experience,” says Prentice. “One of my favourite parts of the job is creating an event experience that makes our clients feel good and one they won’t forget for years to come for all the right reasons.”

With Ultra Violet taking centre stage as Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year, here are some tips on how to work it into your wedding.

Combining Colour

If you don’t want your reception to look monochromatic, Prentice suggests incorporating other colours that complement the blue-purple hue. Integrate silver or gold for a regal look, add lighter shades of lavender for an ombré vibe, or even fuchsia and magenta for a feminine feel. “Other pantone colours that complement Ultra Violet are Ether, Weeping Willow, Tradewinds, Misty Lilac, Deauville Mauve, Dusty Lavender, Lavender Violet, Prism Pink, and Chateau Rose,” he says.

Even lighter tones of lilac and lavender, venturing further into pastel pinks, can offset an otherwise deep and dark scheme. Select two or three variations of purple to work in harmony with Ultra Violet for optimum impact. Adding in a few deeper

colours to complement the violet tone will help elevate this look to create a warm, inviting palette.

Shine A Light

Lighting plays a big role in the world of wedding design. It enhances what you want to see, and hides what you don’t. A great way to use Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year is by having it illuminate your wedding. You can use Ultra Violet to uplight the space, or have it projected onto the dance floor. “White dance floors are on trend at the moment, so using Ultra Violet as a decal on the dance floor will create impact,” says Prentice.

The transformative power of purple creates a luxurious, romantic and uniquely alluring wedding event space. Those looking for a more dramatic statement can uplight the walls to create an entirely violet venue. Striking lighting installations and backdrops are tamed with this colour’s calming effect, while still creating a dramatic ambience.

Take A Seat

While you don’t need to go crazy with violet-coloured décor at your ceremony, adding elegant touches here and there can be quite stunning. Bows in Ultra Violet for your chairs are an easy, affordable way to include a splash of on-trend purple. Similarly, inject the colour into your ceremony décor by tying bunches of purple flowers to the chair at the end of each aisle.

Head-Turning Tables

Opt for vibrant pieces like violet-coloured menus or place cards to create the perfect ethereal effect. However, with a colour as strong as Ultra Violet, it’s important not to let it overwhelm the wedding décor. “This colour is quite bold, so it depends on what sort of bride you are and how much you use it,” says Prentice. “If you want to create a statement, using this colour extensively in flowers or lighting throughout the space will really create impact. Alternatively, using the colour subtly throughout your wedding styling will still create impact but won’t be overwhelming.”

If you want to use Pantone’s Colour of the Year in your linens, consider a sleek violet table runner, and work in another similar colour. “Textured

linens… in a bold Ultra Violet colour could make a big impact on tables,” says Prentice.

Glassware or coloured ceramic vases will also bring in the colour in a not-so-obvious way. If your table-scape is fairly neutral, you can always use your stationery to bring in a touch of purple.

In The Middle

Simply put from a perspective of décor, table centrepieces are the heart of any wedding reception. If you are going for a less decadent look, green and purple succulents are a striking accent to your table décor that also act as fantastic take-home favours for your guests.

“Potted plants as aisle décor are also another way [to experiment] with violet flowers,” say Prentice. Flowers are a perfect addition to centrepieces – speak to your florist for some top tips on which flowers are in season for your wedding day. Lavenders make for a gorgeous overhead floral display and can be used as accent detail to your napkins if you don’t want to go too crazy with the colour.

Style Me Pretty

Prentice says the key to incorporating Ultra Violet into your wedding is minimalism. “Personally, I think as this is such a bold colour, using it subtly throughout your wedding will look best and give the best results,” he says. “Keep in mind that your venue space will have its own style and colour, and you want to make sure that it doesn’t clash with the current venue colours.”

If you are trying to subtly incorporate Ultra Violet into your wedding colour palette, consider using different varieties of flowers. You can even ask your florist to use muted variations of violet-coloured flowers as accents with blush or cream. This will allow you to use the shade with some added pastel to tone it down, which will complement the purple.

When in doubt, trust the experts! If you need more help incorporating Ultra Violet into your wedding or event, reach out to an event company that understands your needs to help you create your dream wedding. Whether you are a bride who wants breathtaking and dramatic décor, or one who prefers more minimalistic details, Ultra Violet is a beautiful colour that can easily be incorporated into your wedding.