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No longer defined by a traditional black tuxedo and matching bow tie, today’s modern groom is presented with a range of exciting and unusual clothing options for their special day. From bold colours, to interesting textures and materials, Natasha Brennfleck equips each groom with an array of tips and style suggestions to finesse their wedding attire and achieve that perfect fit.

Image Credit: Allie Claire Creative

On a day as significant as your wedding, looking handsome, and feeling comfortable is of top priority to every groom. With many simple options available to personalise the humble suit, start by considering daring new trends, colours and textures to take your wedding outfit to the next level.

Timeless Trends

With the timeless look of tuxedos and suits synonymous with wedding attire, there is much room for customisation and change for grooms looking to stand out and showcase their personality. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a classic silhouette, and a contrasting black coat paired with a crisp white shirt, there is certainly the space to add a pop of colour and texture into your wedding day outfit. Subtle blends of colour, material, and versatile accessory additions are bringing a sharp and contemporary look to the well-established, simple and elegant two-piece tuxedo.

Bringing an additional layer to the game, and elevating groom’s attire to another level of class, a three-piece suit is becoming more popular amongst grooms. Consisting of a shirt, vest, and coat, the three-piece can easily transition from high-formal during the ceremony, to a more relaxed look throughout the reception. Adding some flair and visual interest to the outfit, the three-piece suit provides an opportunity to create harmonious contrast whilst maintaining sleek and crisp lines, and effectively highlights any type of silhouette.

Another notable trend in both two-piece and three-piece suits is the introduction of colour. Stunning shades of red, burgundy, and creamy pinks are setting a new trend amongst grooms-to-be. More grooms appear to be finding the confidence to experiment with colours – from bolder blues, burgundies, and browns, to showcase their personal style across Melbourne. Darker hues are perfect for an autumnal or winter wedding, complementing the moody feel of forests, and country charm. On the other hand, bright and lighter colours lend more towards spring and summer; matching the bright sun, and blooming surrounds in garden or parkland settings.

Fifty Shades Of Suit

Incorporating pops of colour into men’s suits has been a growing trend during the last decade, with designers experimenting with unusual shades and eye-catching patterns. In addition to this, grooms are also exploring new ways to ensure comfort, no matter the weather or setting of their wedding. This can mean ditching a classic black suit in favour of pastel colours in light-filled spaces or opting for darker colours to match the earthy tones of a bushland setting.

Before jumping into colours, whether light or dark, it is also important to consider your complexion. The goal is to feel and look your best self on your special day with your partner, and there should be a consideration to what colours best suit your skin tone. Following the simple rules of light with dark, and avoiding tones that can impact the appearance of skin should put you in good stead. For example, if a groom has pale or light skin, experiment with deep shades of blue, green, or red – bringing a contrast between skin tone and deep earthy hues. Alternatively, someone with a deeper skin tone could experiment with lighter colours for the same effect – to provide contrast, while creating a greater complexity within the skin tone. Consider looking for colours ranging from teal, to bright reds and muted corals.

While not all men are excitedly running towards bright reds, blues, and pinks for their wedding day – there are still a range of options to make a statement, and surprise loved ones with personal style and finesse. Many grooms are opting to include colour or pattern within their suit’s panel, and the interior of their suit. This will blend the traditional and elegant with a dash of modernity. Splashes of colour or patterns create a subtle and understated effect in a suit, whereby integrating colour into the interior allows for easy personalisation and a touch of flair. Grooms can opt for bright, loud colours, such as yellow, green, or red, inset patterns, or even include embroidered personalised messages for something sentimental, keeping this customisation a unique and intimate addition.

Material World

Bringing texture into consideration for your special day is another option that can really pay off in the long run. Textures of fabric add visual interest in your wedding photographs and can simultaneously complement your partner’s attire outside of colour and pattern.

Arguably the most versatile of all materials is wool, which can both be worn during colder and warmer weather as it is naturally sweat wicking, allowing for coats to be worn throughout the ceremony from summer to winter. Because of its established presence in most formal wear, a woollen texture creates a regal and formal feel. Additionally, because of its inherent durability, this fabric is best suited for grooms integrating a panel colour, message, or pattern into the inside of the coat.

For men at the forefront of comfort and style, cotton is the next in line for upcoming trends in groom’s fashion. A softer and lighter fabric than wool, cotton brings a casual essence to a wedding. It is, however, prone to crinkling, which can be a draw card for couples looking for a relaxed feel to their celebration. The natural qualities of cotton also help absorb coloured dye, resulting in brighter and high-quality hues of any colour, and is therefore best suited for grooms looking for strong block colour in their suit.

Bringing sustainable practices into wedding celebrations has also become quite the norm, which is where linen suits make their entrance, as the most light-weight and breathable fabric for suits. This quality of texture and characteristic makes linen the perfect choice for casual summer weddings, perhaps set on the beach or in a tropical destination. Muted tones of linen are best suited for a casual and laid-back wedding, lending towards a natural, understated feel to the wedding ceremony and reception.

The top priority of your wedding celebration is confidence and comfort in whatever you choose to wear. Bringing in elements of fun and personality can bring a personal flavour to not only the groom, but to the couple’s overall cohesion throughout the ceremony and reception. Considering the suit’s colour, texture, and the setting of your wedding can help you make an exceptional choice.