Secrets Of A 

Beauty Queen

On a day where all eyes fall upon the bride, it can be overwhelming to navigate the ever-evolving collection of bridal hair and makeup trends. From a soft updo and dewy skin, to glamorous waves and opulent full coverage, deciphering the look that will make you feel like your most authentic self can take some trial and error. To curate the ultimate bridal beauty guide, Bethany Hayes seeks the wisdom of Magical Makeovers owner, Kerrie Gargano, whose expert team has brought more than 10,000 brides’ visions to life.

Image courtesy of Bokeh Weddings

Secrets Of A Beauty Queen

Aisle Preparation

In pledging your love to your partner in the presence of family and friends, it’s only natural to want to look – and feel – like the very best version of yourself. Before making your grand entrance, it’s important to consider what your unique, personal style is, while also preparing your hair and skin in the months leading up to your wedding; meaning you can glow like the radiant bride you are! In Gargano’s professional experience, the realwork happens in the months before your wedding, as opposed to on the day itself – aptly building strong foundations to ensure your hair and skin are as healthy as possible. “Your hair and makeup will only ‘shine’ on the day if you take time before your wedding to look after your skin and hair,” she affirms.

Encouraging brides-to-be to seek professional help, Gargano also advocates for her clients to opt for trimming their hair, as opposed to a drastic cut. “Trimming keeps your ends healthy and inspires growth,” she notes. “We don’t recommend chemically straightening your hair before the big day if you intend to have curls or waves; this technique flattens the cuticle, and therefore [hair] can’t be successfully curled afterwards.” Whatever the condition of your hair, seeking the advice of a hairdresser who you trust and who frequently takes care of your hair will ensure that luscious mane of yours is well maintained.

Like any good marathon, ensuring your skin is hydrated, soft and supple for your wedding day also requires solid preparation. If you’re dealing with a skin condition such as acne or sun damage, consult with a trusted skin therapist to help heal your skin. In-clinic LED treatments are a great way to enhance your skin’s natural glow and speed up wound healing. Gargano does, however, caution brides-to-be against getting any major skin treatments in the few weeks before your wedding – ensuring your skin doesn’t purge or have an adverse reaction.

If an uneven skin texture is your concern, medical-grade skin needling can be an option worth considering. “As makeup artists, we can cover skin colour but not change the depth of scars or lines. Topical plumping products can’t offer what skin specialists can do. We encourage brides who are discouraged by their skin through deep scarring or facial lines to seek help from beauticians and dermatologists.”

And as they say in show business, practice makes perfect; especially if you’re going it solo for your wedding hair and makeup. “Have a makeup and hair styling lesson, one-on-one with a professional,” the Magical Makeovers owner agrees. “This way, you will not only have all the wisdom and notes, [but] with practise you will be able to do your hair and makeup again and again for any occasion!” By picking out your hairstyle and makeup look a few months in advance, you can spend time testing out the style, your makeup’s longevity, and even trial the makeup in different lights to ensure you’re satisfied with its appearance.

Style Specifics

After solid preparation, the real fun begins! If you choose to work alongside a professional hair and makeup artist team like Magical Makeovers, they will likely offer you a range of hair and makeup options to consider for your big day, while considering your dress’ neckline, your face shape, personality and of course, what your unique style is. “There simply is no greater day in your life that requires time precision, expert care, and absolute perfection than on your wedding day,” Gargano details. “Professionals also use high-definition, waterproof makeup with quality, professional grade cosmetics and hairstyling products. This also gives assurance of longevity for such an important day.” To ensure your bridal glow remains as ethereal as its first application, Gargano’s team encourages brides to “take blotting sheets, possibly powder and a lipstick for the rest of the day”. Easily hidden in a small clutch, a small powder, concealer and spare lipstick are ideal for minor touch-ups in between festivities.


When talking trends, Gargano explains that as of present, it is the simple, laid-back styles that more and more brides are opting for. “Simple styles are becoming the new norm – simple waves, simple buns, relaxed looks. This is also a response to weddings being more intimate and personal as we’ve all discovered the immeasurable value of our closest friends and family being with us.”

To SPF Or Not To Be SPF

While some clients might be choosing to host their nuptials outdoors, and others more prone to burning, the topic of sun protection and integrating SPF into makeup has long been one of contention – with many brides scared that flash photography will cause an unsightly white cast in their photos. If you’re prone to burning, the general consensus is to make sure you still use SPF – nothing damages your skin faster than UV rays. “Professional photographers won’t be using a flash at your ceremony, most use flash hardly at all to be honest, even with indoor ceremonies,” Gargano says. “If professionals do use a flash, it’s usually bounced off another surface (ceiling or reflector) so it doesn’t cause flashback. Have a chat to them also to make sure they agree.” Gargano recommends using vegan or sensitive skin brands of SPF that do not contain titanium dioxide, as this ingredient is what causes flashback with the pop-up flash units or camera phones that attendees may use.

At the end of the day, this is your moment. Only you can know how you feel most genuinely beautiful and comfortable during your wedding – the choice really is yours. “There’s only one day in your life that you want to look and feel so beautiful. Ensure you have suppliers that you respect and trust around you. It’s invaluable and they become part of your journey.” When asked what her favourite part of her job is, Gargano’s answer is simple: “Seeing the bride’s face, and her overwhelming joy and gratitude for making her look so beautiful on her wedding day,” she affirms. “There is simply no words and no job that gives such satisfaction.”