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Combining the fun of a photo booth with your guests’ loving messages will provide you with a unique album that will bring you years of joy. Here, Bhria Vellnagel chats with Liza Hoang, director and founder of All The Hype, about the many ways you can personalise a photo booth guest book to perfectly reflect your wedding’s aesthetic.

Image Credit: ATEIA Photography & Video

A mainstay at any reception, a guest book provides the perfect place for your guests to convey their well wishes in writing. But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and photo booths provide a whole strip of images displaying the joy shared at your wedding. “A photo booth guest book gives your guests the freedom to go beyond the customary congratulations of a standard guest book,” Hoang says.

To ensure the style of your guest book is as eternal as the wise words within, there are several ways you can customise it. From the booth itself to the layout of the pages within the book, personalising each aspect will result in a complementary yet unique guest book you’ll be eager to flip through in the years ahead.

Propped And Ready

Including a photo booth at your reception is a fun way for your guests to mingle, as it’s likely not everyone will know one another. “A photo booth allows [strangers] to come together and capture unique moments,” Hoang says. From airy open booths to vintage enclosed booths, there are several varieties of photo booths you can choose from to reflect the style of your wedding.

Vintage Vocation

Enclosed photo booths are a great, stylistic addition to any vintage wedding. For props, keep it classy with sophisticated top hats, polkadot bowties, horn-rimmed glasses and pearl necklaces. To further mirror the look in your guest book, you can select only black-and-white or sepia images. “All The Hype can custom-design your image strip template to match your wedding’s décor and theme,” Hoang says.

It Comes Naturally

 If your reception employs a boho theme, an airy and open configuration, perfected by a creative background of an old barn door or a romantic flower wall, is ideal. Rustic props are best for this style of photo booth, with some of the most popular being stunning flower crowns and small blackboards on which your guests can write personal notes.

Theme Of The Moment 

By including cheesy props in your photo booth, you’ll make sure that the final images show just how much fun your guests had on your big day. Whether it be giant emoji faces or boas and oversized sunglasses, if you include what would make you laugh, you can rest assured your guests will enjoy them too.

To reflect a themed wedding, you can simply include complementary props, or go the extra mile and offer some themed stances for your guests, such as a ‘live long and prosper’ hand gesture for a Star Trek-theme, or perched on broomsticks for a Harry Potter theme.

Keeping With Tradition 

Often referred to as a classic aesthetic, traditionally styled weddings tend to showcase a muted colour palette of blush pinks and whites, neat flower arrangements and warm lighting. To match this, your photo booth can be either open or enclosed but should include a crisp background and refined props, such as roses, top hats, bottles of champagne, and signs with cursive-typed quotes. “We can design any specific quotes you wish to include as part of your wedding,” Hoang says.

Got You Covered

 If you want a specific style of guest book, it’s best to discuss the details with your booth attendant, who will be on-hand to guide your guests in the right direction.

“Our attendants are there to assist with ideas to make it a more meaningful album,” Hoang says.

To prompt your guests to write in a particular area, you can include pre-made pages with questions like ‘What are some fun date night ideas?’, or ‘What should we do for our first wedding anniversary?’. This will also add a space for those who are a little lost in what to write. “A photo booth guest book allows for creative notes, advice, drawings and many other wonderful possibilities,” Hoang says. “It’s best to keep the album as classic and simple as possible, as the guests will add in their personalities and creativity.”

With pre-printed pages, you can also have any embellishments and preferred colours ready for your guests. Other items you can prepare before the day are customised stickers, pages with special prints or colours, and any unique writing utensils.

If you want a more refined aesthetic and would prefer to take control of your guest book, have your guests write on cards instead so you can compile the final product yourself. To complete your album, you’ll need to select your ideal cover, which can be installed after your big day to avoid any damage.

By choosing to have a guest book to accompany your photo booth, you’ll give your guests the freedom to express much more than a simple congratulations. With the ability to customise everything from your guests’ poses to the fabric of the cover, you can easily mirror the style of your wedding in both your choice of booth and the entirety of your book for a completely seamless result.