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Snapped with a Vintage Flair

Hiring a photobooth for your wedding is a great way to create quirky, fun and fabulous memories for guests of all ages. It can inject extra merriment to your special day, provide a break from boogying on the dance floor, and create a keepsake that you and your guests can treasure forever. But what style of photobooth would be best for your occasion? To help answer this question, Melbourne Wedding & Bride’s Emily Axford sits down with Cheryl Chamberlain, one of the owners of Penny Lane Photobooth, to discuss the company’s vintage range of caravan photobooths and how they are perfectly suited for every event.

When Cheryl Chamberlain and Mick Mcmennemin were persuaded to create a vintage photobooth caravan for their daughter’s wedding, the idea for Penny Lane Photobooth was born. “You cannot go wrong with a photobooth at your wedding, your guests will have a blast!” Chamberlain explains. “They will be entertained for hours, especially once your guests have had a few bevvies and get a little bit rowdy, that is when the best memories are made.” For over four years, Chamberlain and Mcmennemin have travelled all over the state to be a part of many incredible weddings and functions with their two vintage caravans: Penny and Dee Luxe.

The Gals

Being self-proclaimed full-service fun machines, the Penny Lane Photobooth caravans have been renovated with love to create an incredible spectacle. The company currently owns two vintage caravans, each with their own style and personality, so one of them is sure to suit your tastes and needs.

Penny Lane, or just Penny, is a boho, retro-style caravan photobooth with a soft pastel aesthetic, making it the cutest little caravan photobooth around. Chamberlain describes how they found Penny “abandoned and alone in an old caravan park in the middle of a nowhere kind of town. We made it our mission to hunt the original owners down and bring Penny home to begin her new adventure and give her a second chance at life.” The idea behind using a vintage caravan was to
create a photobooth that reflected the same era so that when you step inside, the experience is like being transported back in time. Penny’s soft pink interior, dream boho finish and old-timey aesthetic echoes this as her “vintage beauty reflects the true essence of her time.”

Penny Lane Photobooth’s other caravan, Dee Luxe, is the cheeky, funky, 70s retro-style counterpart to Penny. The company took on Dee to refurbish three years after Penny to give couples a different option. Dee adds a retro pop of colour and a little bit of bling to any event and her groov-alicious features certainly make a statement. As Chamberlain details, “Dee has that certain pizzazz with her centrepiece gold velvet couch, wallpaper, record player and the coolest 70’s vibes all the way.

A Wheely Good Time

You might be thinking that a vintage caravan photobooth does not suit your wedding, however, Penny Lane Photobooth finds that “the vintage style is a definite hit everywhere we go. Guests are all eager to hop in and look around from the very young to the very old and everyone in between.” Penny Lane Photobooth wanted guests to not only have a photograph to take home but wanted to invite guests back in time when you step inside the caravan by fitting the caravans with vintage furnishing and props and blasting the best turns of yesteryear. This explains why these vintage caravan photobooths are a huge crowd pleaser. “Guests have a ball inside,” Chamberlain says. “The vans are private enough to be yourself without an audience whilst take your photo.”

Penny Lane Photobooth liaises at great length with its clients to ensure the best experience. “We are super flexible and strive to make everything just perfect,” Chamberlain remarks. From sequins to velvet to shimmer walls, the backdrop for your photobooth photos is entirely up to you. Chamberlain elaborates, “If our list of aesthetics including props is not the right match, we will do our best to source the preferred option to ensure everything is just perfect.” This allows you to modify to your heart’s content to ensure the caravans are perfectly suited for your big day.

Say Cheese

Penny Lane Photobooth prides itself on producing high-quality, premium photos and uses professional photographic and print equipment to ensure this. The company also provides a selection of photo strip templates for you to choose from with the option of creating a custom one if requested. Unlimited strip printing is available on the day to make sure no guest misses out and a digital gallery is sent to the couple within twenty-four hours after the wedding. This way they can re-live their wedding and be entertained by their and their guests’ stunning photos.

Due to the popularity of the photobooths, they are usually in operation and very busy for the whole time allocated for the wedding. Penny Lane Photobooth provides an attendant to operate the photobooth, bringing an extra welcoming feel to the activity and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The attendant will also organise set up and pack up so you can just concentrate on your special day.

If you haven’t considered a photobooth for your wedding, then this is a good place to start. If you would like to book Penny Lane Photobooths, they recommend booking at least twelve months in advance to ensure availability and to secure your desired photobooth for your big day.

Images courtesy of Penny Lane Photobooth