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Something New That’s Also Blue

Jan 21, 2019 | Wedding News From Issue 28

Google Home Mini is the ultimate wedding helper. With the sound of your voice, the device can aid in the organisation of your special day. Whether it’s keeping track of your dress-fitting appointment, or adding a manicure and pedicure appointment to your pre-wedding list, Google Home Mini will store your requests and give a full briefing of events anytime you ask.

In preparation for your big day, the device allows you to stay fit and healthy by offering delicious recipes and step-by-step instructions when you’re cooking, as well as provide nutritional information, set timers and offer unit conversions. Google Home Mini will also broadcast content to your television, should you ever want to squeeze in a quick yoga workout! With the added ability to create the perfect wedding playlist, as well as research flights and accommodation for your honeymoon, the device makes planning your wedding as easy as saying, “Hey Google…”