With infinite venues worthy of hosting a spectacular wedding, finding the perfect location to celebrate your
beginning of forever is no easy feat. Plus, if you have a large group of family and friends you’d like to be present with
you on the day, you’ll need a space to accommodate for these loved ones – and plenty of room for that mesmerising first
dance too. The solution? The timeless ballroom. Bethany Hayes speaks with the owner of one of Melbourne’s most
recognisable ballrooms and function centres, The Grande Reception & Function Centre’s Daylan Karabadiak, and seeks
his advice on achieving ballroom wedded bliss.

Image courtesy of The Grande Reception & Function Centre

Strictly Ballroom

If the passion and rhythm behind Strictly Ballroom’s Scott Hastings has taught us anything, it’s that success has no simple definition, and dancing your own steps is both courageous and freeing. Movies aside, the polished hardwood or marble floors of a ballroom are synonymous for many, as a place to getaway and lose themselves in dancing’s undeniable leisure and liberation. And for those wanting to do just that at their wedding reception, there is simply no venue more appropriate to pick.

Timeless Versatility

Having brought countless weddings to life in Melbourne’s North, Karabadiak and his team are no strangers to what makes an excellent wedding. Catering “for a large scope of guests ranging from 100–400” the wedding venue’s ability to be both suited for smaller celebrations, as well as bustling large ones, makes it hard to match. “This [capacity] allows many smaller gatherings to still have a great sense of intimacy without being lost in a large venue,” the owner explains. “And also on the other end, [it allows us] to have gatherings more suited to large families whilst retaining a lot of comfort.”

Aside from ample guest capacity, a ballroom wedding venue exudes a timeless elegance that is hard to find – from its adaptable appearance, which you can dress to the theme of your wedding, to dangling chandeliers, shiny floors, and stunning décor. Not to mention a whole range of other effects and options to give your wedding that inch of extra wow factor. Described as hosting “a level of atmosphere that is generally unmatched”, the sheer volume of special effects available to transport your reception or ballroom-style wedding to the next level is ever increasing. “Pair this [atmosphere] with special effects available in-house for couples such as dry ice, indoor pyrotechnics, and custom mood-themed lighting,” Karabadiak notes. If you’re looking to make a spectacular entrance or exit from your wedding, The Grande Reception & Function Centre even allows for vehicles to be present inside the centre.

“Our venue also has the ability to welcome a vehicle inside the room to create an entrance or exit that is quite uncommon – which is sure to have guests talking.” Bring on the limousine exit!

The First Dance

Whether an ever-romantic bridal waltz takes your fancy, or the dance of the love – the seductive rumba catches your eye, or even something modern and upbeat is what you’re after, a ballroom–style wedding venue is the perfect place for a memorable first dance. Like the name itself so suggests, the ballroom is made for dancing. “As our venue has a dedicated dance floor, and also being sunken, [makes] the first dance always a memorable occasion,” Karabadiak says. Located slightly below the surrounding tables, having a central, sunken dance floor space makes it the perfect location to share a first dance that people can admire with ease. “The sunken dance floor also allows for special effects such as dry ice, to sit like clouds within the floor,” he continues. “This creates the perfect level of romance within the venue.”

Ready When You Are

Not at mercy to the unpredictability of the weather, choosing a ballroom location means the festivities, styling and decorations for your wedding will not need the safety of a wet-weather plan. Explaining that his team “definitely think a reception-style has proved to be a consistent trend for weddings”, and has “no signs of slowing down”, Karabadiak also emphasises the practical and functional benefits of a reception or ballroom-style wedding – with these venues being both efficient and purpose-built. “Our kitchen has two access points for quick meal service, dedicated staging for a band or DJ, a fully equipped bar inside the venue, a raised bridal table staging, and a sunken dance floor just to name a few,” he notes. “All [of which] help to create a smooth and enjoyable event that other setups simply cannot provide.”

Able to evoke an undeniable party-like atmosphere, Karabadiak flags the venue’s lighting, sound quality and air quality as being major drawcards. Able to manipulate the lighting to create the perfect ambience, host a band for bustling live tunes or encompass a booming DJ set, the ballroom venue is as adaptable as they come, and the perfect semi-blank canvas for your bespoke wedding day. “The symmetrical layout with [its] central entry point works well alongside the not-so-traditional ceiling line, and curvatures to induce a warm and inviting atmosphere,” the venue owner affirms.

Time After Time

In what is a brilliant celebration of love, be sure to choose a venue that feels authentic to you and your partner. Hosting undeniable elegance, incredible versatility, a plethora of styling options and promises of endless dancing amongst friends, the ballroom unquestionably remains an enduring choice. A ballroom is also typically wheelchair friendly, while these purpose-built venues also have easy access to kitchen and bathroom facilities – which is a must for any bridal-party beauty touch-ups.

“All of our weddings are memorable, and we cherish every single one,” Karabadiak agrees. “Having both families from the couple come together to celebrate their love and provide laughter and celebration will be sure to create a memorable time.” An ideal venue for a wedding of any season, the ballroom remains an ever-timeless venue for the celebration of a lifetime. Here’s to the first dance as a married couple!