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 To Perfection

Your wedding should be an authentic reflection of you and your partner and the connection you share. With endless options to infuse your own individual taste or preferences, styling a wedding can often seem like an overwhelming process. Here, Bethany Hayes discusses the ways your wedding can leave a lasting impression long after the words ‘I do’.

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During the sometimes-frenzied wedding planning process, many couples can feel overcome with a wealth of available styling choices. Adaptable spaces such as studios, halls and warehouses are the location of choice for many couples, but beginning with this blank slate is often daunting. Working with a professional stylist is an excellent way to ease some of this pressure and ensure your vision is delivered exactly the way you want it. However, if you choose to go it alone, styling your wedding can be a creative expression of your relationship, and less complicated than you may think.

Consider A Professional Opinion

Styling your wedding is no small task. If you work full-time or simply prefer not to make those intricate styling choices, consider hiring a wedding stylist for peace of mind. While a wedding planner is in charge of organising, sourcing, troubleshooting and checking everything that needs to be done during the wedding process, a wedding stylist can be likened to your wedding’s artist – someone to bring your vision to life through carefully considered and creative choices. The wedding stylist should get to know you and your partner, and from there help craft an aesthetic that embodies your personality, tastes and preferences. From choices about colour, materials, floral arrangements, aisle decorations, centrepieces, signage and the tablespace, a wedding stylist will help evoke the right tone for your special day. They may choose to dim the lighting to create an intimate atmosphere at the reception, or select warm, yellow-toned colours to generate more upbeat character – whatever works for you and your partner.

If you do choose to hire a wedding stylist, remember to be upfront and honest about what you want. Meet regularly with your chosen stylist, so you can work together to refine your wedding vision. Most stylists will have you complete a detailed questionnaire before you work together, so they can gain a thorough understanding of any themes, colours or requirements you might be looking to fulfil.

By being both upfront and honest throughout the entire styling process, such as speaking up to your stylist if you don’t like a particular decision, you can rest assured knowing that you have one less responsibility to worry about during your special day.


It’s All In The Theme

Regardless if you’re going at it alone or working with a stylist, choosing a consistent theme is essential to keep your wedding aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. Whatever the theme of your wedding may be – rustic, romantic, vintage, modern or even bohemian – it’s the small touches that truly convey the feeling and essence of your wedding. Embracing a concept or colour scheme consistently throughout your wedding day is also an effective way to ease the pressure of the decision-making process, as all other stylistic choices can be structured around these motifs. A vintage-themed wedding draws inspiration from years of the past, therefore worn wooden-seats and aged tables would be a perfect décor option. A more rustic aesthetic may use engraved wooden signage, white-string bunting or even mason jars as glasses. If you and your partner are happy with the theme, most of the stylistic choices will evolve naturally and take care of themselves.

If you’re after something small, the glimmer and gentle glow of fairy lights always adds a romantic touch to any reception area. For those on a budget wanting to add a personalised addition to the reception, try hanging lanterns, tealight candles, floral wreaths, or custom name cards for each guest. These little touches may seem frivolous, but ultimately go a long way in conveying a loving atmosphere and showing guests that you’re glad to have them present on your special day.

Thinking In Colour

While the bride’s dress is traditionally white, that doesn’t mean the rest of your wedding has to be. From the floral arrangements, table settings and signage, utilising colour within your event space is the perfect way to make your wedding even more memorable. The key with incorporating colour is to ensure you remain consistent, while also balancing prominent colours with a range of neutral shades. Whether you choose to showcase a single colour, or a range of colours, a neutral tablecloth is a great way to ensure styling remains balanced and poised. If pastel colours are your favourite, using pastel tones through napkins, vases, place-cards and lighting are an excellent way to do so. If high levels of consistency are important to you, talk to your stylist about expanding your colour theme further; even through carpet choices, cutlery and cake decoration. You can even ask your florist to assemble flowers that complement your aesthetic and style choices. Bright colours also look amazing in flash photography, so you’ll be able to look back and admire your wedding fondly.

It’s The Little Things

In a day as significant as a wedding, the little touches can go a long way in adding personality to your wedding. Unique stationery choices are a great way to implement this. Whether that be through ceremony programs, menus or place cards, stationery is a subtle yet personalised addition to give your wedding your own unique touch. Small, personalised gifts also work well in deepening the intimacy between you and your guests. Engraved travel candles, a personalised wooden coaster or lip balm are all popular choices. Even choosing a wedding hashtag for your guests to utilise on social media can be a simple yet effective touch to provide additional cohesion – making it easy to find the images from your special day. The stylistic choices are endless, so remember to choose something you love!