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Sleek, stylish and comfortable, the jumpsuit is quickly becoming a popular choice among modern brides. Unfettered by cascading layers of tulle and bundles of chiffon, jumpsuits can take you from the ceremony to the after party with ease. Here, Tristan Lott speaks with Ines Freire, designer at GWM Wedding, about the versatility and rising appeal of this alternative bridal garment.

Image Credit: Bokeh Weddings

The Melbourne wedding scene is as varied as can be – from the rolling hills and sprawling vineyards of the Yarra Valley, to the sandy shores of the Mornington and Bellarine Peninsulas, and throughout the iconic streets of inner Melbourne. Jumpsuits offer an alternative to the traditional gown, and from lacy and laidback boho numbers, to sleek and embellished suits, there is a jumpsuit option to suit every bride and wedding.

Modern Marvel

Contemporary bridal fashion trends are all about the unexpected; sheer sheaths, puffy sleeves, and unique colours, textures and patterns are all finding their place on the racks of Australian bridal boutiques. “Jumpsuits and alternative bridal styles have seen a huge growth in the past year,” Freire confirms. “Brides are looking for a unique look that they won’t see [in] a magazine or any other bride wear.”

While bridal jumpsuits have been around for a few years, the rise in popularity can be attributed to the versatile and varied design of the garment. Unique additions, such as capes, trains and embellishments, have diversified the range and made jumpsuits a viable option for brides who may have otherwise written off the style. According to Freire, GWM Wedding has been at the forefront of this movement. “In store we have a big range of jumpsuits,” she says, “every collection that we release has five to eight designs.”

The development of mix-and-match bridal outfits has also contributed to the rise of alternative bridal trends. These pieces allow brides to piece together their perfect look, with a plethora of tops and trousers available from boutiques such as GWM Wedding. “GWM Wedding offers a full rack of co-ords in store. We love the mix-and-match style,” Freire says. These combinations allow brides the unique opportunity to combine modern style with the classic image of a bride – one could opt for a top-and-skirt for the ceremony and change to a top-and-pants while dancing the night away.

A Twist On Tradition

While the classic image of a bride in a voluminous white gown with a trailing veil is a dream for some, other brides may want to modernise this conventional style. The versatile jumpsuit offers an alternative for those who wish to leave tradition in the dust, but allows for women to still have their big, princess moment, as opting for a bridal jumpsuit may not necessarily mean you have to go for a totally revolutionary look.

There are many jumpsuit styles that are more traditional, with details that call back to classic styling. “We can achieve the fairy-tale wedding dress look by introducing the same details as a bridal gown,” Freire says. “Colour is a huge part of making a jumpsuit bridal enough; keeping the white or ivory will bring the wedding style back into the jumpsuit.” Embellishments such as beading and embroidery, and materials like lace and tulle in a white hue, are instantly associated with bridal fashion. Moreover, add-ons like trains, overskirts, capes and wide-leg trousers are fashionable means of achieving a timeless bridal silhouette without sacrificing the flexibility and comfort of the jumpsuit. “Most brides prefer a wider pant to simulate a skirt, they get the comfort of the jumpsuit with the fullness of the dress,” Freire attests.

Of course, there is always the option of choosing two bridal ensembles for your big day. Opt for a dress during the ceremony and formalities, and then switch it up to something more modern and freeing when it comes time to relax and party. Freire says this is an incredibly popular approach, “I would say that jumpsuits are more popular for the reception. Most brides want the full bridal look for their ceremony, and the jumpsuit is great for being comfortable, dancing and enjoying the party.”

The addition of an overskirt is a cost-effective method of achieving the same effect. These step-in skirts can be easily worn over the jumpsuit and allow brides to switch up their look with ease when the time comes.

All In The Details

For the bride who is seeking a completely new look, there are options aplenty. Modern silhouettes are equally popular as their traditional counterparts, with sleek cuts and interesting details being in high demand amongst brides-to-be. Think unconventional necklines, cropped trousers and eye-catching additions such as belts and cut-outs. “Modern weddings are the way to go when featuring a jumpsuit,” Freire believes, with many brides donning a jumpsuit for their intimate, inner-city celebration.

No bridal ensemble is complete without accessories. For the modern bride, Freire suggests that they have fun with the styling, “if they have already decided on either a jumpsuit or pants, they are already stepping out of the box, so why not go all the way.” Amongst Freire’s favourite unconventional accessories are colourful shoes, statement jewellery pieces, birdcage veils, and capes. Accessories offer you a unique way to incorporate more of your personal tastes, as well as the opportunity to reflect your wedding styling and totally unify your day. Think of coordinating pops of colour throughout the bridal party, cake and flowers.

With myriad possibilities available, it’s no struggle to see why bridal jumpsuits are now giving wedding dresses a run for their money. From classically styled pieces with lace and embroidery, to modish designs with crafty cut-outs, there is a jumpsuit option for every bride to take you from ceremony to reception with ease.