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To ensure you feel good and look your best on your wedding day, it’s important to choose the right suit. Annie Slevison speaks with the manager of Mens Suit Warehouse, Costa Polidoros, about the process of finding the perfect groom’s attire.

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From watching your partner walk down the aisle and declaring your commitment to one another, to dancing around the reception room with family and friends, your wedding day is an event filled with wonderful moments and cherished memories, so it’s only natural to want a suit that befits the occasion.

Polidoros notes that men are more involved in the wedding planning process than ever before. Gone are the days when the ’big reveal’ was limited to the bridal gown; groom fashion is also becoming a pivotal part of the celebrations. Having a proactive attitude towards choosing a suit will ensure you look and feel your best on your big day. After all, marrying the love of your life is a special statement and you want your outfit to represent that

Finding Your Muse

When it comes to finding a suit that you love, inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether you see pieces on social media or in shop windows, when you start looking for wedding attire inspiration, your muse is bound to pop up.

With the rise of technology, it has never been easier to track down a certain designer or style. “Instagram provides grooms with inspiration and an overall idea of how they want to present themselves and their wedding party,” Polidoros says. When scrolling through your social media accounts, take note of outfits that catch your eye, and save the image for when you attend a fitting.

Polidoros also suggests browsing through suit magazines and catalogues, and asking grooms from previous weddings you have attended about their attire. If the groom looked a million dollars, comfortable, and had his whole party strutting like male models, then reach out and enquire about his suit brand and where he purchased it from.

Something Old, Something New

Depending on the theme of your wedding, it’s important to find a suit that not only matches the occasion but also reflects your own personal taste.

Whether you’re a traditional type of man or you’re looking to incorporate modern elements, narrowing your options down to a few specific styles will help you make the right choice.

If you are seeking a classic look, then you can’t go past a simple black suit. “The most common style continues to be the two-button jacket with a flat-front trouser in slimmer silhouettes,” Polidoros says. This ensemble is timeless and ensures your wedding photos will remain in vogue for years to come. However, if a revamped old-school style is more your thing, he suggests a tuxedo with patent leather shoes for extra pizazz.

For a more relaxed approach, Polidoros believes a mixture of designs can create an effortless vibe. “Sports jackets with chinos are popular for more casual weddings,” he says.

What’s Trending

The ways in which you can add an extra touch of personality to your wedding outfit are endless. “Pocket squares and tie clips are styling aids that add a point of difference,” Polidoros says. “Many grooms and groomsmen also wear colourful socks for a bit of fun.” Why not try a vest in a contrasting colour or a unique shoe choice that highlights your character? Polidoros says exploring colours is another
option to consider when choosing your wedding attire. “Choose a colour that complements the entire wedding party and theme,” he suggests.

According to Polidoros, there has been a recent shift in the industry regarding suit colours. He believes, despite blue being popular for so long, black and charcoal are re-emerging as crowd favourites again.

Fit For A King

Choosing a suit that properly fits your body shape is a must. “There is nothing worse than a wedding party looking uncomfortable all day due to an ill-fitting suit,” Polidoros says. It’s important to pick an appropriate fit that works with your shape, not against it. This rule also applies to materials;

whether you’re having a lavish church ceremony or a sunny seaside event, the venue and weather will help determine which fabrics you should be looking at. “While wool is vastly preferred, cottons and linens are great alternatives for … beach or winery weddings during the warmer months,” Polidoros says.

Fitting In

Once you have an idea of which styles you prefer, it’s best to organise a fitting to get professional advice on the matter. At Mens Suit Warehouse, Polidoros says the process is quick and easy thanks to its skilled team. “The first consultation takes place with just the bride and groom, three to six months prior to the wedding,” he says. “Our team take notes of the couple’s ideas and use that information to narrow down their options.”

During this time, the staff members may discuss alternate styles or designs that the groom may not have considered. It’s a good idea to take their advice on board as they’ll be able to ensure your suit perfectly meets your needs and complements the theme of your wedding.

Polidoros says that once a selection has been made, a second appointment with the wedding party is set up to ensure all groomsmen love their suits. With client satisfaction always at the forefront of their minds, the team at Mens Suit Warehouse will coordinate a final appointment much closer to the wedding date to check that all party members still fit their suits, as well as organise any alterations. Polidoros says deciding whether to buy or rent your suit is also made easy at the store. “Mens Suit Warehouse has competitive pricing that makes it very economical to purchase rather than hire,” he says.

No matter what type of suit you decide on, whether it’s classical attire with black trimmings or a mixture of quirky elements with pops of colour, your wedding day is a wonderful occasion sparked by love. Stand tall, be comfortable, and wear the suit – don’t let the suit wear you.