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Striking a pose with your friends in a photo booth is a novelty enjoyed at most weddings. Here, Annie Slevison chats with Michael King, general manager and founder of Wedding Parties Entertainment, about how photo booth technology has improved over time.

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There is nothing better than taking a snapshot of a joyous time to reminisce about for years to come. Laughing, smiling and pulling funny faces inside a photo booth is something we all love doing, and waiting to see your printed images is all part of the fun. The innovative device has seen multiple facelifts over time, from passport machines in the nineties and traditional booths in the noughties.

The secret to keeping a trend alive is to shake things up, and the photo booth industry has done just that. Thanks to technological advancements and continuous growth in demand, the photo booth has undergone a much needed makeover and is now better than ever.

An Image For The Ages

Memories are always fonder when you can look back on them whenever you like. Whether it’s a loved-up portrait of you and your partner, an impromptu modelling shoot with your bestie, or a group picture with family and friends on your wedding day, snapping a moment in time is always special. “Photos have always been an integral part of any event, and creating the moment [is just] as [special] as capturing it,” King says.

King explains that while professional photographers and videographers still remain a staple at weddings, having a photo booth allows all your guests to join in on the fun. The popularity of the unit lies within its simple and easy-to-use functionality, which gives everyone the opportunity to capture personal moments throughout the occasion.

Quick Pic

The combination of retro and contemporary is a winning recipe seen time and time again, and photo booth technology is no different. With aspects of the traditional machines still available in modern units, users have the chance to enjoy vintage-style quirks while still remaining on trend.

Although the old-school passport-sized print outs are popular, the call for better image access has been heard loud and clear. The photo booth has always been faithful in its purpose of delivering instant images to its users, and with the recent increase in picture quality and speed, this has never been easier. King explains that with the introduction of direct social media links, the immediacy of receiving images has rapidly improved. “Photos can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or even the latest dating site before [guests] leave the event.” King says.

Shape Shifting

Gone are the days of hauling in a bulky photo booth and planting it in the corner of the room. “[Booths] are now more compact,” King says. “The unit can fit into much smaller spaces, which makes it easier [for them] to appear at various events.” A far cry from the boxy machines you used to see in shopping centres and at fetes, today’s photo booths are sleek and streamlined. Eliminating access issues that plagued previous enclosed machines, the more modern devices, such the mirror booth from Wedding Parties Entertainment, are a more inclusive attraction.

Tech Talk

Along with the physical appearance of the machine, the features behind the lens have immensely improved. Featuring intricate computer software, users have more control over their photos than ever before. Keeping in line with the developments of modern-day life, photo booth technology allows you to personalise and edit pictures, alter image reality, play with designs, and create instant social media posts with the touch of your fingertips.

Further, King suggests that if the mirror booth from Wedding Parties Entertainment is any indication of the future possibilities for photo

booth technology, then it is going to be an exciting journey forward. “The latest mirror booth is fashionable and chic enough to capture the imagination and hearts of the youngest [and] most adventurous tech-savvy crowd,” he says. With features ranging from green screens, flip books, slow-motion footage, animated GIFs, neon drawing, signing, emoji stamping, high-definition
video messaging, social media links, and the ability to customise the printed pictures, the evolving interface is certainly on trend.

The Future Is Now

As our insatiable desire to remain connected grows, King says the evolution of the photo booth is still rapidly expanding, and will continue to do so, as shown in the popularity of the mirror booth by Wedding Parties Entertainment. “The mirror booth delights the imagination with the latest technology and its unrivalled performance in capturing magical moments,” he says. Celebrating the available software of the 21st century, it is heavily predicted that the photo booth industry will go from strength to strength as it continues to adapt to the wants and needs of the modern technological landscape.

The smaller the machinery, and the smarter the software, the easier it becomes to use. Taking this into great consideration, the most recent additions to the photo booth industry include corporate headshot booths designed for workplaces, as well as outdoor photo booths created for public use. With all ages and abilities accounted for, King says more young children are also enjoying the simplified interface of modern photo booths.

As we move into a new dimension of picture-taking, the photo booth will continue to play its part as a fun and social novelty. So, on the biggest day of your lives, ensure you stay snap-happy as you create priceless memories with your nearest and dearest!