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Whether you want to travel by town car, horse and carriage, or a shuttle bus with your guests – don’t let the pressure of planning your wedding transport take you for a ride. Here, Annie Slevison explores the top transport mistakes to avoid, so you can arrive on time and in style on your big day.

Image Credit: ATEIA Photography & Video

For a smooth transition from one location to the next, it’s important to carefully consider each element of your entrance and exit. Before you say I do, you must learn what not-todo with your wedding transport.

Not Hiring Professionals

Enlisting the service of a company to assist in organising your wedding transport will create a calmer planning process, and a less stressful approach to the situation. Having to consider every element of your big day can be overwhelming, so take the opportunity to enlist experts for your transport, and let the professionals take the lead. This will remove the worry of coordinating different rides with several separate cars, and instead, allow you the freedom to choose from the stylish range provided by one vendor, within one easy location.

When working with transport companies, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. To save you from future hassle, be sure to find out exactly who owns your rental car. If your vendor needs to borrow a style of car from somewhere else, it can create a tricky scenario of who is liable. To prevent such issues, find a vendor that owns and stocks your dream wedding car, and can cater to all your transport needs. Also, be sure to read every contract thoroughly, so you know who is responsible, should the car be late, a no-show, or you spill a drop of champagne in the back seat. To avoid getting hit with hidden coats after your big day, discuss all insurance and liability concerns prior to booking.

Not Exploring Your Options 

If you are seeking a mode of transport that adds some ‘wow’ factor to your wedding, then think outside the box of your standard limo. Put some thought into the theme of your big day, and how you would like to help set the tone through your transport. When researching the topic, you will soon find that your options are only limited by your imagination – if you can dream it, chances are someone can provide it!

A few options include, a vintage bicycle for a unique entrance into your relaxed and rustic occasion, or a double-decker party bus for you and your guests to dance around on, to and from your reception. If you are wearing a luxurious princess gown, a classic black town car will help create a vintage-inspired look, while a European convertible will add extra pizazz alongside your fitted mermaid-style dress. But don’t forget about the groom! If the thought of your man in a fitted tux beside a yellow sports car makes your heart flutter, then call around your local vendors and see what is available. Depending on the style you want to convey when you first arrive on location, as well as in your photos, choose a mode of transport that matches your personality, and complements the day.

Leaving Guests Behind

While you and your partner definitely need to attend your wedding, it’s important to remember that your guests need to show up too, especially your bridal party. Be sure to organise transport for both your bridesmaids and groomsmen, they are essential to the day, and need to be on time for the event to go to plan.

Although it is not a requirement of every wedding to provide transport to guests, it’s a thoughtful gesture to consider their plans. If you have guests coming from out-of-town or overseas, consider hiring a charter bus. Not only is this an easy and comfortable mode of transport to organise, most buses can easily fit a large amount of people, and will allow visitors to take in Melbourne and its surrounds. If you decide not to hire transport for guests, it’s a good idea to provide them with the number of a local taxi company, or car-sharing service. This will cover your conscience should anyone enjoy a few too many beverages at the reception.

Disregarding Potential Delays 

Organising travel times and figuring out the best routes to and from your wedding location before the big day, will help create an occasion that is memorable for all the right reasons. 

No one likes to be late, let alone grid-locked on Melbourne’s roads, so click open Google Maps and get planning. Whatever the recommended travel time is, add 20 to 30 minutes on top, to counteract heavy traffic, accidents or bad weather. This will stop you and your guests from chasing the clock, and turning the day into a mad dash from one location to the next.

To stay ahead of the delay game, type up a schedule with all of the pickup and drop-off addresses and times, as well as detailed directions and alternate routes, should there be road blockages or issues. If you are providing transport for your guests, include every passenger’s name and contact details as well, to ensure no one is forgotten. Give your driver this information well in advance of the big day, so they are prepared, and follow up with a call one or two days before the wedding to confirm the agenda. It is always better to be ready for hiccups that may never occur, rather than anxiously waiting for a hire car outside the front of your house in your dream gown.

Forgetting The Little Things 

When deciding on what type of transport you would like to use, remember to consider your wedding outfit. Horse-drawn carriages, sports cars, and motorcycles can be difficult to dismount in a dress and heels, so keep this in mind when browsing. Another important factor to remember is the transportation of your gifts, cake, centrepieces, and keepsakes from your reception. Consider hiring an additional car for this sole purpose, that can deliver the goods to your preferred destination.

Planning your wedding transport is the same as taking the road less travelled. It may be unfamiliar and winding, but don’t let the pressure turn the process into a drag. It is important to make detailed and thoughtful decisions, and if you can avoid these top transport mistakes, then your wedding day should be a smooth and enjoyable ride.