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The Sign of


Weddings are no longer constrained by traditions that dictate a particular style. As a result, modern couples are afforded the luxury of choice and can breathe life and character into a day that is innately intimate and personal. With a range of different themes and styles available, couples can add dashes of colour and personality to this significant day through stunning bespoke favours. Here, Emma Warner Allen discusses the merits of personalised signs and favours with Vish, owner of Customtainment.

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Sign Language

Signs have long served an important function within our society; they can act as a means to clearly communicate a message that may be otherwise difficult to convey – implicitly linking different topics – or they can serve as a way to explicitly draw attention to a particular topic. Appreciating the importance of these innate signals, signs have been embraced by the wedding community and have become increasingly popular with a range of different options available to decorate your wedding, offer thanks, and symbolise the beautiful bond you and your partner share.

With a range of different options available, from romantic cursive typefaces printed on a rustic wooden board, to Hollywood glamour with oversized letters, there are a number of different ways to decorate your wedding that can simultaneously act as a way to reassure and anchor your guests to their surrounds. Standing as a testament to this, “we help clients all across Australia with all kinds of signs such as welcome signs, seating charts, bar and menu signs, unplugged ceremony signs, table numbers [and] place cards.” However, Customtainment’s signature style is “vintage and classic looking signs on a wooden base” which is then stained in the shade of the client’s choice. “I think couples need to think carefully on their styling and Customtainment can create signs that fit in with their overall wedding style – whether it’s colour schemes or the style of the wedding,” Vish emphasises.

While it is important to ensure that your signs complement the aesthetic and theme of your wedding, signs are also reflective of your relationship and distinct personalities. Even though reconciling these two things may initially appear to be daunting, it is reassuring to consider that your theme and wedding will ultimately be an extension

of yourselves. When asked about conveying one’s personality through signage, “this ties in with the previous [topic]”, Vish concedes. “Couples can always incorporate their favourite colours or wedding style to match with something that’s personal to them. We have worked with couples to match fonts, colours [and] styles with their wedding invites and any other forms of communication with their guests,” Vish elaborates.

Take A Seat

Signs need not only welcome guests to your wedding, but they can also serve an important function in terms of logistics – alleviating you of one additional worry on the day. If you elect to have a sit-down meal, having a sign with a seating plan that also ties in with your wedding’s theme and any other signage you may have on the day is an effective way to guide your guests to their allocated tables, without the need of ushers. “We recently created a seating chart of 130 guests for a couple from NSW that looked absolutely gorgeous with their overall wedding style,” Vish explains, alluding to one his favourite projects. And it wasn’t just the team at Customtainment that had fallen in love either! “We got such beautiful and thoughtful compliments from the couple, their families, and even some of the guests,” Vish attests.

Although a seating plan acts as an excellent guide, caught up in the excitement of the day’s festivities and socialising with loved ones, one could be forgiven for forgetting their exact place on the seating plan. To counteract this, “personalised place cards or coasters are a great way to direct your guests to the right seat”. “This, accompanied with an elegant looking seating chart right at the entrance, all provide a seamless entertainment,” Vish posits.

Can You Do Me A Favour

Not limited to just signs, Customtainment also offers a range of different favours that can make a thoughtful keepsake for your treasured friends and families to remember your special day for years to come. Think of them as more exciting party bags – much like the ones you would receive when you were younger – wedding favours can add a touch of nostalgia to an already cherished day. “It’s always great to see favours that are personalised in the recipient’s names, this always adds a personal touch and shows you care for your guests. And it’s guaranteed to be more widely used by your guests too,” Vish explains.

While wedding favours have gained in popularity in recent years, the wedding professional doesn’t see them slowing down any time soon. “Thank you gift packs are getting so popular by the day,” he echoes. “We work with couples to add a quirky and personal message along with the bridesmaids or groomsmen’s names on [the] gift boxes.” The company offers a range of personalised items that can act as a beautiful memento of the day including, “beer mugs, whisky glasses, hip flasks, luggage tags, coasters, PJ sets and slippers – just to name a few.”

From a sign welcoming your treasured guests, to a beloved souvenir to remember this day by, the options afforded to modern brides and grooms are limitless. For the best advice, always consult an industry professional who will be able to guide you through the process and offer invaluable tips and tricks to guarantee your day goes off without a hitch, well – maybe just the one!