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The Thought in

Thank You

While traditionally seen as a simple wedding favour, bomboniere options of today have evolved to include personalised and sentimental gifts, commemorating a beautiful union between partners. Stepping away from traditions of five sugared almonds and into new ways of saying ‘thank you’, Natasha Brennfleck sits down with Kristy-Lee Crossan, director of Bon Bo Vendi, to discover the perfect contemporary gift to delight guests at your wedding.

Image courtesy of Bon Bo Vendi

Having worked with brides since 2007, Kristy-Lee Crossan, director of bomboniere vending machine service Bon Bo Vendi, says she has “see[n] first-hand how stressed most brides are, rushing to get all the little details for their celebration finished in time”. Resonating with brides who want to step away from traditions of the past, yet still provide a thank you trinket that will be remembered for years to come, Crossan and her husband created Bon Bo Vendi to help ease pre-wedding stress. Giving guests a unique gift that “sparked that feeling of joy people get when celebrating special occasions together”.

Something Old, Something New

In recent years, Crossan has witnessed a standard pattern when it comes to bomboniere choices. “Chocolates, candles, wine, bottle openers, seeds or plants have all been traditional for a while now,” she affirms. The fact that these gifts were once considered unique emphasises how rapidly bomboniere and gift trends can evolve, which does make it hard to determine what is considered old, borrowed, or new.

Couples often attempt to think outside of the box when it comes to adding those special touches to their wedding day, with bomboniere offering the perfect outlet for their creative intentions. Crossan reflects on a particular couple who wanted to include their origin story on their special day, and thus related their bomboniere to a ‘burger bar’ theme, sourcing donut-flavoured lip gloss, salt and pepper shakers, sauce bottles and burger bun squishy toys. This theme is just one of many Crossan has brought to life for couples, demonstrating that contemporary bomboniere does not require a traditionalist approach, but is

instead defined by the couple’s personal tastes and quirks.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, many industry professionals are noticing a shift in wedding planning that includes more sustainable choices, from locally sourced menu options, upcycling decorations, to transforming the traditions of bomboniere. “Couples want to offer something that guests talk and instantly post about [to Instagram or Facebook], like games or photo stands. For many couples, experiences have taken the place of bomboniere,” Crossan explains.

Re-Live, Laugh, Love

Most people have clear sentimental attachments to objects and bomboniere is no different, serving its role as the living reminder of the celebration between newlyweds amongst family and friends. Crossan likens this phenomenon to the fun of Christmas crackers: “one look at the small toy from the [Christmas] cracker takes us back to the warmth and the laughter”. The joy of personalised wedding favours lies within its ability to transport guests back to the day of the wedding. “Every time your guests look at their gift … it will take them back to the moments shared on your wedding day,” Crossan adds.

Personalised bomboniere is enhanced by directly involving your guests. “Offering [your guests] a choice, gives [them] a shared experience,” Crossan explains. “When you tailor your wedding favours to your guests, and give them a range of gifts they can choose from, you’re no longer restricted by the one-size-fits-all bonbonniere.” Deciding what to gift your guests can be a difficult place to start, especially when there are so many styles, types, and out-of-the-box ideas to inspire your choices. As wedding favours are deeply grounded in

gratitude and thoughtfulness, a great place to start is to consider the shared connection with you and your partner. “What works well for many couples is thinking about a shared moment for interest for inspiration,” Crossan elaborates. She finds her inspiration in the same way while creating the vast range of choices for her Bon Bo Vendi machines; taking cues from past weddings. “Watching guests at weddings, we get a lot of great ideas from their responses to the gift options,” Crossan says.

Sustainable And Suitable Selections

Catering to a wide variety of guests and selecting a gift that your friends and family will appreciate is a daunting task. “People love something they can use … many girls like something they can wear or flash around, [whereas] guys tend to like poker cards and hip flasks.” By providing your attendees with a choice, you will forge a connection between your guests, their bomboniere and your celebration. “It’s such a privilege, and a favourite part of my job, to watch guests mingling, laughing and swapping their gifts, ” Crossan muses.

With the increased importance of sustainable practices in the wedding industry, ensure you are mindful of the impact that bomboniere can have on our natural environment. “There’s nothing worse than watching carefully chosen gifts, made with love, being thrown out with the napkins at the end of your celebrations,” Crossan agrees. Picking a range of environmentally conscious gifts is as simple as choosing objects that can be re-used or are made from sustainable materials.

Whether you’re drawn to exploring the experience based bomboniere, or a range of personalised items, be sure to keep in mind the true reason behind bomboniere – to remind guests of the commitment between you and your partner, celebrated amongst your nearest and dearest.