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The Wedding


You’ve been planning every detail of your big day for as long as you can remember, but have you considered how your guests will be getting to and from the venue? Here, Bhria Vellnagel speaks with Ray Staindl, the operations manager at Tour Local, about how to safely transport your friends and family from the ceremony to the reception.

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If you’ve chosen a venue that has limited parking options, isn’t close to public transport, or is in a rural location, it’s recommended to pre-organise one or more vehicles to get your friends and family to the venue on time. “If [your] guests know that there’s a vehicle that will cater for all their needs, then they’ll enjoy their time more,” Staindl says.

Torque Of The Town

The average wedding accommodates for at least 120 guests, which means there’ll be a lot of people struggling to catch public transport, hire cars, and trying to navigate unfamiliar roads to get to your venue. However, by enlisting a reputable transport company, you can rest assured they will arrive and depart safely and on time. “We understand how stressful organising large groups can be,” Staindl says. “That’s why we do all we can to take the stress off your shoulders and make [it] as easy as possible.”

Even if you’re hosting an intimate affair with less than 50 guests, it’s important to advise everyone on some of the best ways to get to your venue. Prior to the big day, send your friends and family a message via email or social media with public transport schedules, taxi rank locations, and any close-by parking options.

If you have a little money to spare, there are a number of unique city-based transport options you can hire that will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests, including iconic Melbourne trams and classic horse-drawn carriages. If you’ve booked a stunning waterside venue, you can even rent a local boat charter for a splashing arrival.

The Road Less Travelled

With rolling vineyards and rustic farmsteads, it’s no wonder why couples are choosing to host their nuptials at a countryside venue. “More people are

opting to get married in the Yarra Valley and on the Mornington Peninsula, [but this] can cause a few problems,” Staindl says. “Guests may want to drink and have a good time … [or there may be] people who [can’t] drive long distances, such as seniors, [or those who have travelled] from out of town or overseas [and] don’t know the area.”

While there are many modes of transport that will get all your guests to a rural location, including stretch limousines and vintage kombi vans, buses and shuttles are more cost-effective options.

Cheaper By The Dozen

Many couples now have to choose between buying their future home or hosting the wedding of their dreams, so receiving more bang for your buck is essential. If you’re trying to meet a strict budget but need to transport a fair few guests, a bus or large coach is ideal. “We have access to a range of different sized vehicles,” Staindl says. “[We have] a full-leather-interior, 15-seater bus … and a 57-seat coach, [which] we can customise to suit [your needs].”

Many charter companies, like Tour Local, only charge per vehicle rather than per person. This allows you to organise transport for your family and friends well ahead of time, which will help you to avoid any last-minute hassles. In the event that some of your guests’ travel plans fall through, you can rest assured – granted there are seats remaining on the coach – they won’t be left stranded.

Bus-Ness In The Front

If you choose to hire a coach, your guests won’t have to sacrifice any of the luxuries offered by prestige cars and limousines. “Our vehicles are at the top of their class [and feature] air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and charging [ports],” Staindl says.

To ensure your guests arrive at your venue in high spirits, you can provide the driver with some great party-starting songs to play over the sound system. Apart from a great playlist to get everyone in the mood to celebrate, you can also adorn the bus in fun décor, such as streamers, bunting and flags. “We generally decorate the interior of the bus to a wedding theme,” Staindl says. “The outside can also have decorations, as long as they’re legal.”

Staindl mentions that Tour Local offers chilled water to quench its passengers’ thirst on every trip. To ensure everyone arrives ready to celebrate, you can also organise a collection of soft drinks and/or alcoholic beverages, as well as small packets of chips and lollies.

The Mechanics Of It All

Staindl suggests organising transport for your guests at least three to six months prior to the wedding. At this time, it’s also crucial to advise the hire company if you have elderly or disabled passengers who may need additional assistance. The easiest way to know how many guests will need to be transported is by including an option on your invitations, which will provide you with the numbers prior to the wedding.

Once everyone has RSVP’d, it’s important to discuss pick-up and drop-off times, as well as locations, with your driver to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, which is where a professional and long-stated charter company comes in handy. “We know the routes to take and the ones to avoid,” Staindl says. “We [also] understand that the last thing [a couple] wants is a driver knocking on their venue door, right on the [organised pick-up time], [insisting] that they leave right [away].”

By enlisting a professional transport company to get your guests safely from point A to B on your big day, you can rest assured you’ll be the only one who arrives fashionably late!