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A Crucial


While traditional wedding cakes will never go out of style, there are many unique and inventive dessert styles to feature at your wedding. Olivia Morffew chats with Amanda Chow from SUTSA Cake Bar & Studio, and explores the many dessert options available for couples wanting something that little bit different on their special day

Photo by Allie Claire Creative

The three tiered, one-flavoured traditional wedding cake is a classic go-to for couples looking for a sweet treat to cement their marital status. But with so many different and unique options out there, couples are now able to go against the grain of traditional wedding cakes, and showcase something that reflects their personal tastes and personality.

According to Chow, as long as “your cake maker has enough time to perfect the design and those cute figurines, couples can look for something out of the norm and that suits both your personalities”. Therefore, no matter the taste preferences or type of delicacy, there’s certainly a tasty treat to suit you on your special day!

Don’t Sweet It

Choosing to go for salty over sweet is an unconventional way to celebrate your wedding day, and there are many options out there to showcase something savoury for the wedding reception. Opting for something that can act as an entrée will ensure that you and your guests don’t get too full before the main course, and will give everyone an excuse to eat dessert before the main meal.

If a couple adores cheese as much as they love each other, then a cheese wedding cake is the perfect choice. Made up from wheels of cheese of varying sizes and textures, this particular wedding cake is the ideal choice for those wanting something savoury that can be paired with delicately sweet foods, such as quince or fresh fruit. This particular treat can blend in seamlessly with your theme by adding vibrant fruit and edible flowers that go with the colour palette of the wedding reception. Going for this option also allows the happy couple and guests to have various flavours and textures to tantalise tastebuds. Don’t forget to stock up on those fruit and nut crackers!

For all the pastry lovers out there, look no further than showcasing a wedding pie for your reception. Incorporating a savory wedding pie into your special day gives couples the option to include.

their favourite pie flavours, while also catering to those with specific dietary requirements. Like the cheese wheel, you can adorn these pastry delights with faux flowers and fresh grapes to add a rustic and charming touch to your reception. The beauty of opting for a pie is that there are many size and flavour options available. Small pies are perfect for receptions with a large number of guests, while a trio, or duo, of family-sized pies are perfect for small and intimate wedding receptions. Whatever form you choose for your wedding cake, if it’s something that you like, and something that caters to food requirements of your loved ones, you’ve picked a winner. “Our cakes are not overly sweet, so it suits most people who are looking for light cakes. We can also cater for gluten free, vegan, sugar-free and keto cakes,” Chow says.

Edible Delicacies

Adding a sweet touch to your reception, sans the traditionally tiered wedding cake, can be achieved creatively in a variety of ways. Individual treats are a common trend for couples who want to stray from the wedding cake norm. Going down this path ensures that the couple and their guests can take as much or as little as they like.

A popular choice for these single-serve sweets is cupcakes and mini cakes. To seamlessly incorporate cupcakes or mini cakes into your wedding, signature piping and edible decorations are the go-to for pairing these sweets with the colours and theme of your wedding. Cupcakes and mini cakes are a common and safe choice that can be arranged to suit you and your partner’s style and aesthetic. They are also an ample choice for those with specific dietary requirements, as most cake-making establishments will create vegan, gluten free and FODMAP friendly options so that everyone is well and truly looked after.

Dessert tables are another choice for those with a sweet tooth. While you can include a traditional wedding cake, the options are endless when it comes to the additional treats that adorn your dessert display. Choosing to include a dessert table

allows couples to share their favourite treats with their loved ones, while providing variety for fussy eaters. Creating a dessert table that complements the wedding theme can be achieved in numerous ways, such as featuring the colours from your bouquet in the desserts themselves. Including a dessert table also allows for you to showcase the sweet treats of your family heritage.

Featuring mini mooncakes, kek lapis or any type of dessert from your individual culture allows you to pay homage to your roots. Embracing your heritage and showcasing these sweets can symbolise the union between you and your partner, all the while looking good and tasting delightful.

The Cherry On Top

Taking a sweet and structural approach for your wedding reception is another way to put a modern twist on the traditional wedding cake. Macaron towers are a colourful addition to your reception. This versatile biscuit can come in a variety of flavours and colours to reflect you and your partner’s personalities and tastes. Adorn this tower with touches of fruit for a fresh contrast or add edible flowers here and there for a nature-inspired aesthetic. Croquembouche towers are another tower that can replace the traditional wedding cake. Crafted from choux pastry, this cone-shaped centrepiece can be adorned with melted chocolate, fine caramel or both for the ultimate sweet.

With numerous wedding cake alternatives available, there are plenty of options to make your reception treats memorable. While Chow suggests vanilla, raspberry, lemon curd, and chocolate salted caramel to be some of the most popular flavours of the season, it’s important to think of the flavours and treats that you and your partner love and want to share. Then after the wedding is done and dusted, and the reception is in full swing, kick back, relax and enjoy your special sweets with all of your loved ones!