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‘Til Death Do Us Party

A wedding day is a huge celebration of a couple’s love shared with friends and family. It’s a day full of activities like dancing, photobooths and, on occasion, a few lawn games and a jumping castle. Your wedding day is memorable, spent the way you envisioned with the people you love, which means you’d probably like it to be fun and entertaining for everyone. Why not turn to the ‘fun’ experts? Here, Melbourne Wedding and Bride’s Saturne Roberts sits down with Adriana Taylor, owner of Unique Party Boutique, to discuss how to infuse the most fun and entertainment into a wedding. 

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Operating in the wedding industry for more than five years, Unique Party Boutique is a family-owned business that takes the stress out of wedding planning by handling all signage, flowers, décor and decorations for both the ceremony and reception. Providing a service for both ensures a seamless flow of the theme, and couples only have to deal with one person. Weddings are a wonder to attend but a nightmare to plan, so having someone who understands your vision and what makes a wedding fun comes in handy. Taylor says, “We love celebrating love and bringing couples’ love stories together through what we do. We truly have the most special job to be able to be a part of so many couples’ most special day.”

It Has Got to Match

When deciding what entertainment you will have at your wedding, a lot of factors need to be considered. Couples want their wedding to be fun for everyone but do not want it to compromise their wedding-day vision. This is where Taylor comes in – “We have a conversation with the couple to determine what type of vibe/theme they are looking for, then we go through the process of putting together mood boards and piecing together items that will suit the desired vibe.” Couples will often want something that doesn’t suit the venue or wedding theme; this presents the challenge of compromising and finding an alternative that still makes the couple happy. Taylor says, “During the process of putting everything together, there is a lot of back and forth with things that they love and don’t, to ensure that both us and the couple are well versed on what the look is to be. This always makes for a very happy outcome.”

Mood boards and lengthy discussions about the vision are integral to determining the best entertainment options for a wedding. Fully understanding what a couple is after and what their non-negotiables are for the day means suggestions are individually tailored to the couple. “Most certainly there are sometimes challenges with what a couple likes and what suits best with a specific type of theme or even what suits a venue best. Most of the time, you are able to come to a compromise on something or customise an item in a certain way, so they are getting that item, but they are also staying within the theme,” Taylor divulges.

Dancing Around the Options

Couples wanting to entertain guests at their wedding traditionally choose photobooths and dancefloors, and although still good options, there are more unique ways to infuse fun into a wedding. Taylor offers a non-traditional LED, tempered glass dancefloor and has numerous photobooths for hire, with the most popular feature being they all provide guests with an immediate printout as a memento and a second copy to put in the couple’s guestbook alongside a message. Outside of traditional photobooths, Taylor says, “We also have the 360-video booth in which they receive a video. This booth is becoming more and more popular as it is something that you don’t see at every event.”

Due to the rising demand for fun-centric wedding activities, lawn games are becoming more sought after, particularly as more children attend weddings. However, they’re not just for children – lawn games provide wonderful entertainment for adults during canape hour, most commonly when the ceremony and reception are at the same venue. Taylor explains that “it gives the guests some entertainment for when the couple is off having photos between the ceremony and reception.” Another niche option is the jumping castle available; this is great when several children are attending a wedding, as it keeps them entertained while the adults party.

The Secret’s Out

When considering what to entertain your guests with at your wedding, consider straying from the traditional and go for a unique focal point. Whether that be a light-up dancefloor, fun and bright floral arrangements, a video booth, lawn games or even a jumping castle, make your wedding memorable and true to you. Taylor says, “Make sure you have some of those extra special items, be it indoor fireworks or some extra lighting, if that is what is important to you and is what is going to make it memorable; don’t regret that you didn’t have it.”

Fun can be infused in lots of different ways at a wedding – through colour in the florals and table settings, games, neon lighting, a dancefloor, disco balls and the list goes on. Depending on the setting of the wedding, you could use one or several of the above to maximise fun at your wedding. However, Taylor confides, “To be honest, the people and the vibe that they bring is what makes a wedding the most fun and memorable. You can have the most elaborate displays, but if the people don’t bring the fun, nothing else will.”

A wedding day is a celebration; every aspect of it should be full of fun for all. There is no right or wrong choice for how to entertain your guests, so choose what’s fun and memorable for you. Taylor leaves us with this piece of advice: “Always remember it is your day, so do it the way you want it, and make it a day that you want to remember.”