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To Have And To


Your wedding photos will serve as precious keepsakes for years to come, but flicking through hundreds of images may not replicate the magic you felt on your special day. Here, Bhria Vellnagel speaks with Patrick Georgiou, professional photographer and owner of Euro Photography, about how to create a show-stopping wedding album.

Image Credit: Euro Photography

From the heartfelt image of your father walking you down the aisle, to the very last photo of you and your partner leaving the reception as newlyweds, a great wedding album will help you reminisce about your special day long after your own memories have faded.

Living in a digital age where almost every moment of your life is uploaded to social media, many couples are favouring classic wedding albums to preserve the intimate moments of their big day. Here, Melbourne Wedding & Bride sets out to discover the details behind this book of love.

Through The Lens

If you’ve decided prior to the wedding that you want to create an album, it’s important to discuss any particular shots you have in mind with your photographer. “So much time and effort has gone into planning your wedding day, so ensure to include any distinct moments you have uniquely planned,” Georgiou says. “The theme, personality and style of the couple must be factored in when photographing on the day.”

Georgiou also advises that while it’s important to find a photographer you get along with, it’s worthwhile to research the types of albums they’ve previously compiled to ensure you’ll receive your desired result. “Ask as many questions as you need,” he says. “Chat about what you want captured and even ask to see some examples of similar locations and styles.”

The Perfect Filter

After the wedding, you’ll have the difficult job of sorting through hundreds of photos to find the standout shots that’ll appear in your wedding album. However, choosing approximately 20 to 40 of your favourite images that reflect your style as a couple will make the process easier. “When choosing images, think about your wedding day and the story you visually want to portray throughout your album,” Georgiou says. “As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.”

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of images, many newlyweds will often entrust their

photographer to choose for them. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Georgiou has played a pivotal role in fashion, wedding and portraiture photography, and with that expertise comes a wealth of knowledge that he imparts to his clients. “When dealing with a professional, you [can utilise] their expertise and guidance when compiling your album,” he says. “This includes balancing the imagery, colours and flow to achieve the best result.”

However, while it’s nice to receive feedback from family and friends, it’s important that you select the photos yourself. “When choosing images for your album, ensure that you are choosing them because you want to, not because it’s what someone expects or what you ‘should’ choose,” Georgiou adds.

On Display

All of your hard work won’t just be for the album – you can also purchase large prints to showcase around your home. Georgiou says mount boards are a popular choice among newlyweds as their frameless form can complement almost any style of home.


To ensure your album makes sense to you long after your memories of the day have faded, it’s best to place your photos in chronological order. “The images are usually positioned in such a way that the story of the wedding flows from the very beginning to the final events at the end of the day,” Georgiou says.

The Hue Of You

While it’s not necessary to give your album a theme, many couples will choose a consistent tone that reflects the colours used at the wedding or to create cohesion throughout the book. “My favourite style is classic and timeless,” Georgiou says. “Rustic was quite a popular theme a few years ago, but I’m now seeing more of a mixture of vintage and classic styles.”

A classic theme provides a sleek and modern look without any dated traits, such as sepia-filtered

images or vibrant frames. “A balanced album, with a mixture of colour and black-and-white photos, showcases brilliantly,” Georgiou says.

Delightful Details

To make sure your album perfectly reflects your wedding, Georgiou suggests having photos taken of the small but important details, such as the delicate lace of your wedding dress or the sweet-scented flowers at your outdoor ceremony. “There may be one side of the page with a collection of detailed items, such as perfume, cologne, flowers and rings, but then you’ll flip over the page to see a single image on a double-page spread that illustrates a beautiful moment of a mother helping her daughter get ready on her wedding day,” he says.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve chosen your images and their layout, you’ll need to finish the album with a long-lasting binding and a visually appealing cover. “We use book-band binding, which is similar to hard-cover library books, as it holds the album together nicely as opposed to glued
bindings, which tend to fall apart over time,” Georgiou says.

From classic hardback albums to soft leather books, you’re sure to find one that will achieve your desired aesthetic. For a personal touch, add your favourite photo or include loving messages and advice from your nearest and dearest on the cover.

When the time comes to start compiling your collection, Georgiou suggests choosing your images wisely. “Once your guests go home and your wedding day is complete, what remains are your memories and images,” he says. Creating a wedding album allows you and your family to reminisce about your special day for many years to come. By staying true to your styles and enlisting the help of a professional photographer, your wedding album will be an amazing compilation that you’ll be eager to flip through time and time again.